Board of Trustees


SSM Board of Trustees
April, 2014
Not pictured: Audra Watson ’87 and John Thomas ’74

Election to the Board of Trustees of Shattuck-St. Mary’s School carries with it a responsibility of stewardship. By definition, trustees are the custodians of the integrity of the School; they hold in trust the School’s reputation as created by its founders and as developed by those who have shaped the School in the past. Current trustees accept the obligation to not only preserve, but also add to this organization. In this way, trustees help form not only the present, but also the future composition of the School.

The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior, Honorary Chair
Abby Carlstrom Humphrey ’62, Chair
Dan Gislason ’62, Vice Chair
Kristin Dahl, Secretary
Craig McKinley ’70, Treasurer

Ex Officio
The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior, Bishop of Minnesota
Nick Stoneman, Head of School
Maggie Osterbauer ’03, Alumni Association President

2014 Term Expiration
Brant Barr ’73
Tim Church ’68
Kristin Dahl
Mike Daley ’68
Elizabeth Sears Hager ’62
Perry Mead ’66
Rich Nicholl ’70
Kim Peterson ’67

2015 Term Expiration
Anne Cosgriff ’87
Jack Dane ’75
Marc Davis ’66
Dan Gislason ’62
Abby Carlstrom Humphrey ’62

2016 Term Expiration
Steve Barrager ’59
Bill Brewster ’85
Dale Fuller ’51
Bruce Mannes ’49
Craig McKinley ’70
Katherine Porter ’04
John Thomas ’74
Audra Watson ’87
Stephen Wendfeldt ’65
Claire Wittich ’05

Trustee Emeriti
Sharon Hoffman Avent ’64
Linda Stone Dasher ’56
Jack Fuller ’40
Hugh Wooldridge ’55