Global Education Program

Shattuck-St. Mary’s is a true global community with students from more than 20 countries. The Global Education Program was developed to help international students and their parents navigate life at an American boarding school. From providing extensive ESL support, to staying in close touch with parents, to bridging cultural differences within the school community, the Global Education Program creates a cohesive experience for international students. Home stay experiences with American families, travel opportunities during breaks, on-campus cook fests and regular e-mail communication are just a few of the services provided to students and their parents. One of the truly unique aspects of the Shattuck-St. Mary’s experience is the opportunity to live with students from around the globe. Our students benefit from an expanded view of different cultures, economies and languages. It is not uncommon for students to spend time comparing notes about their different backgrounds and also learning how much they have in common.

Andrew Garlinski ’98
Director of Global Education
Director of ESL
(507) 333-1543
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