Middle School


St. Mary’s Hall – Home to the Middle School

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Middle School

The Shattuck-St. Mary’s Middle School program provides students with solid preparation for high school and college work in the major disciplines (English, Mathematics, Science, History, World Languages, Performing and Visual Arts). The curriculum requires students to be actively involved in the learning process to push them beyond their comfort zone to a higher level of thinking and ultimately create in each of them a lifelong commitment to learning. Small class sizes allow students and teachers to develop close working relationships with opportunities for enrichment and personal assistance.

For a student in grades 6-9, this means:

  • A challenging curriculum which includes performing and visual arts and access to higher levels of mathematics and world language;
  • A daily academic schedule that supports the success of Middle School students and integrates with the Upper School program;
  • Extracurricular opportunities including sports teams, robotics and Mathletes, student publications, 6-9th grade drama and musical productions, and student-generated clubs;
  • A combined 6th and 7th grade class, thereby providing students with opportunities for collaborative work, and differentiated instruction to meet their academic needs;
  • Advisories and a Mind, Body, Spirit curriculum for leadership, community service and character development that focuses on citizenship and decision making;
  • An orientation program that helps older students connect to their school, and develop their ability to serve as mentors, role-models and leaders for the younger;
  • A dedicated Middle School faculty serving as teachers and advisors;
  • Off-campus 9th grade opportunities for academic enhancement, such as trips to the theatre, and environmental field trips similar to those opportunities presently available for students in grades 6-8;
  • A smaller environment for 9th graders, designed to develop independence and leadership skills in this transitional age.

Young adolescents learn best in a safe, supportive environment where students are engaged in active, purposeful learning by teachers who are committed to best teaching practices for this age group.  Creating a 6-9 division and a curriculum that recognizes the important developmental stages of these young people, provides them with the challenging and engaging environment they need for growth in character, mind, body, and spirit.