Ropes Course

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Challenge Course in Faribault, Minnesota, provides an environment for participants to accept new challenges, reach new heights, and set new goals outside their usual paradigm. This activity-based learning method breaks through self-imposed limitations to enhance self-confidence, communication skills, trust in others, and acceptance of risk.

Programs are available for:

  • Corporate Groups
  • Executive Teams
  • Team Building Programs
  • Leadership Programs
  • Youth and School-Age Groups

Program topics may include:

  • Planning within a group context
  • Understanding differences between individual and team approaches
  • Selecting of leaders
  • Identifying of roles
  • Supporting each other
  • Demonstrating the need for a common vision
  • Setting goals and benchmarks
  • Learning from one’s mistakes
  • Interdependency
  • Trusting others
  • Risk taking
  • Challenging self-limits
  • Letting go of control
  • Facing challenges and fears together

High Ropes Elements
Participants on Shattuck-St. Mary’s High Ropes are invited to explore their perspectives, personalities, and personal limits through acceptable risk taking.  High elements provide opportunities for groups to support each other physically and emotionally and give the participants a shared experience that they can take back with them to the workplace, classroom, sports field, or other shared space.  Guided group reflection following a high element challenge is intended to facilitate personal development and team bonding.

Low Ropes Elements
Participants on Shattuck-St. Mary’s Low Ropes are presented with challenges that require creativity, perseverance, communication, and teamwork to complete.  Interpersonal skills that participants are encouraged to develop on the course facilitate group members relating to each other in a wide variety of new and positive ways.  The flexibility of low ropes programming means it can be adapted to suit a wide range of goals, depending on the needs of the group.

Programs of varying length are available to meet the objectives and requests of your group. Facilitators cater specific challenges and activities to address your organization’s needs. For more information about ropes courses programs, please contact Laura Stelter at