English Language Institute

2014ELI-CoverShattuck-St. Mary’s English Language Institute immerses international students in our highly successful academic English instruction. Our students spend six hours in class working on all aspects of their English skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

This three-week, intensive institute offers students opportunities for rapid advancement as they build their English proficiency. In addition, students become acclimated to U.S. independent schools and are better prepared for their subsequent academic year.

The ELI session will be held August, 2015. See Registration materials below – Coming Soon.

Students enroll in our Institute for many reasons, among them:
• To prepare for study in a U.S. independent boarding school
• To prepare for application to a U.S. college or university
• To develop the skills necessary to successfully approach the TOEFL with confidence
• To develop English for professional opportunities
• To reach personal goals


All English Language Institute Students are required to submit the 2014-15 Summer Camp Health and Liability forms prior to arrival. These forms are available in the Download section below.

English Institute Downloads – Coming Soon!

  • English Language Institute 2014
  • Registration Form – August 5-25, 2014 English Language Institute
  • Transportation Form – August 5-25, 2014 English Language Institute
  • 2014 Health Insurance – Camp Coverage only (1 month)
  • 2014 Health Insurance – Camp Coverage & 2014-15 School Year
  • 2014-15 Health & Liability Summer Camp Forms
  • 2014 Wiring Instructions for English Language Institute