Shattuck-St. Mary’s offers a comprehensive, college preparatory training program that serves students interested in pursuing studies in the theatre. Our program includes course offerings, work with guest artists, potential touring opportunities and technical direction. Our drama classes focus on key areas such as development of the actor’s instrument, collaborative creation of original work, text analysis, scene work and improvisation. Students study and perform a broad range of theatrical literature, from early Greek and Shakespeare to contemporary playwrights. Actors have both formal and informal opportunities to perform in: class, small scene presentations, our one-act play series, and our three yearly full stage productions. Students have the opportunity to receive a diverse and comprehensive course of study, ultimately making them more versatile, experienced and well-rounded.

A thorough theatre arts program includes solid background and instruction in the non-performance aspects of putting on a play. In Theatre Production courses, students are guided through the process of producing the numerous backstage and front-of-house aspects integral to our shows.

In addition to theatre courses and productions, we have an audition-only acting company, Players, for students who demonstrate both a serious interest in acting and the discipline required for a deep level of study. Players meets daily during the school day, but further time commitments are also required. Players have the opportunity to explore various theatrical avenues through visiting artists. They are responsible for producing all the essential aspects of an off-campus community service performance/project and serve as hosts for a variety of on-campus events. Players also have the opportunity to travel to other theaters to encounter, analyze and learn from their productions.

Dramatic Association (D.A.)
The Dramatic Association of Shattuck-St. Mary’s is dedicated to the production, promotion,and excellence of theater arts at our school. Founded in 1867, the Dramatic association is the oldest and one of the most prestigious organizations at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School. Its members have demonstrated passion and zeal for theater arts, and have committed themselves to supporting theatrical programs and excellence both here on campus and beyond the arch.