Boarding Life

Learning to live independently and managing one’s time is great preparation for college. Our teachers and coaches are dorm parents and live in community with our students, providing essential structure and supervision in a comprehensive residential life program. Most students have roommates, often from a different state or even a different country. Sharing the experience of being away from home with people from all over the world is a strong start to life-long friendships.

Parent Connections – Bridging the distance between parents and students is accomplished in a number of ways at SSM. Each student is assigned an advisor – a faculty mentor who keeps a watchful eye on the student, meets with them regularly and offers academic counseling. Parents are also able to log on to our intranet to view their child’s schedule, assignment and test grades, attendance and comments from teachers. And, we have webcasts available for a variety of on-campus events from senior speeches, to athletic competitions to performing arts events. Twice a year, families are invited to campus to meet with teachers, coaches and most importantly spend time with their children. Special activities and events are planned for these weekends – one typically in October and the other typically in February.

Free Time – The school weeks are BUSY! When Friday arrives, it is nice to consider some free time for sleep, laundry, extra studying and of course, some fun! Each weekend, there are activities planned for students. Outings can be as simple as movies at a local theatre or more elaborate such as dinner at a restaurant in the Twin Cities and a play. The Mall of America is 45 minutes from campus and is a popular weekend destination for shopping and eating. On campus, the weight room is open for working out; there are movies, three-on-three basketball and ping pong tournaments, open skating and soccer, bonfires and game nights in the dorms.