Staff & Faculty Directory

Photo of  Genevieve  Andreas
Genevieve Andreas International Program Assistant
Photo of  Amanda  Armbruster
Amanda Armbruster Administrative Assistant to SSI
Work Phone: 507-333-1530
Photo of  Jennifer  Bailey
Jennifer Bailey Mathematics, Student Government
Work Phone: 507-333-1508
Photo of  Richard  Bailey
Richard Bailey History, Girls Basketball Coach
Photo of  Tabitha  Bailey
Tabitha Bailey History
Work Phone: 507-339-3012
Photo of  Kimberly  Bakken
Kimberly Bakken Institutional Advancement Administratice Assistant, Secretary to the BOT, Archives
Work Phone: 507-333-1686
Photo of  Linda  Barral
Linda Barral Director of Food Services
Work Phone: 507-333-1633
Photo of  Wendie  Battist-Schoeb, ATC/R
Wendie Battist-Schoeb, ATC/R Director of Athletic Training, Certified Athletic Trainer
Work Phone: 507-333-1706 Cell Phone: 507-339-2998
Photo of  Brad  Benoit
Brad Benoit Director of Vocal Performance
Work Phone: 507-333-1670
Photo of  Andrew  Bergdahl
Andrew Bergdahl Mathematics, Fencing Coach
Photo of  John  Birch
John Birch Driver
Photo of  Julie  Biwer-Bekhechi
Julie Biwer-Bekhechi French
Work Phone: 507-333-1504
Photo of  John  Blackmer
John Blackmer Science Department Chair, STEM@SSM Director, Environmental Science, Campus Naturalist
Work Phone: 507-333-1562
Photo of  Timothy  Bohnencamp
Timothy Bohnencamp Assistant Boys' CoE Soccer Coach
Photo of  Melissa  Boik
Melissa Boik Mathematics, Assistant Girls Prep Hockey Coach
Work Phone: 507-333-1544
Photo of  Mike  Boone
Mike Boone Director of Engineering
Photo of  James  Brezina
James Brezina Food Services
Photo of  Grace  Brown
Grace Brown Director of the Center for Academic Achievement
Photo of  Brian  Burgemeister
Brian Burgemeister Assistant Director of AdmissionsAdmissions
Work Phone: 507-333-1571
Photo of  Kate  Callahan
Kate Callahan Middle School ESL
Photo of  Emily  Canney, R.N.
Emily Canney, R.N. Health Center
Work Phone: 507-333-1644 Cell Phone: 507-333-1644
Photo of  Brett  Carey
Brett Carey Science, Assistant Director of the Middle School, Middle School Dean of Students, Head Coach Girls Lacrosse, Middle School Soccer Coach
Work Phone: 507-333-1684
Photo of  Deb  Carpentier
Deb Carpentier Upper School Administrative Assistant, Student Travel Coordinator
Work Phone: 507-333-1611 Cell Phone: 507-838-8693
Photo of  Michael  Carpentier '00
Michael Carpentier '00 History, Asst. Coach Midget AA Hockey, Head Coach Varsity Baseball
Work Phone: 507-333-1545
Photo of  Tim  Carter
Tim Carter Director of Boys Soccer, Head Coach Boys U18 DA Soccer
Work Phone: 507-333-1745
Photo of  Erin  Carver
Erin Carver Food Services
Photo of  Merrill  Carver
Merrill Carver Carpentry Supervisor
Work Phone: 507-333-1640
Photo of Rev. Eva  Cavaleri
Rev. Eva Cavaleri School Chaplain, Service Learning Director
Work Phone: 507-333-1692
Photo of  Courtney  Cavellier
Courtney Cavellier Associate Head of School for Academics
Work Phone: 507-333-1718
Photo of  Matthew  Cavellier
Matthew Cavellier Upper School Director
Work Phone: 507-333-1532
Photo of  Pat  Ceplecha
Pat Ceplecha Admissions Office Assistant
Work Phone: 507-333-1679 Work Fax: 507-333-1661
Photo of Dr. Catherine  Chang
Dr. Catherine Chang Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Translator, Senior Class Dean
Work Phone: 507-333-1501
Photo of  Norman  Christensen
Norman Christensen Grounds Crew
Work Phone: 507-333-1634
Photo of  Desmond  Christopher
Desmond Christopher Asst. Coach Boys Prep Hockey, Hockey Goalie Coach, COE Hockey Webmaster
Work Phone: 507-333-1854
Photo of  Brad  Cohen '84
Brad Cohen '84 Asst. Coach U16 Hockey
Photo of  Grace  Conklin
Grace Conklin Director of Pre-Conservatory Strings Program, Band, Orchestra
Work Phone: 507-333-1607
Photo of  Steve  Cornish
Steve Cornish Mathematics Department Chair
Work Phone: 507-333-1704
Photo of  Tim  Cox
Tim Cox Carpentry
Work Phone: 507-333-1643
Photo of  Jenna  Dahl
Jenna Dahl Accounting Manager
Photo of  Chompoo  Deike
Chompoo Deike Food Services
Photo of  Joe  DeMay
Joe DeMay Director of Girls Soccer, Head Coach Girls U18 Soccer, Team Goalkeeping Coach
Work Phone: 507-333-1747
Photo of  Christine  Dickinson '05
Christine Dickinson '05 Athletic Trainer
Work Phone: 507-333-1584
Photo of  Terri  Dineen
Terri Dineen Science, 5K Club
Photo of  Sandra  Dockstader
Sandra Dockstader Center for Academic Achievement Instructor
Work Phone: 507-333-1855
Photo of Fr. Henry  Doyle
Fr. Henry Doyle Alumni Relations and Outreach
Work Phone: 507-333-1651 Cell Phone: 507-330-3504
Photo of  Murray  Eaves
Murray Eaves Head Coach Boys Midget AAA Hockey, Head Coach Boys Lacrosse, Weight Room Director
Work Phone: 507-333-1672
Photo of  Brian  Ellendson
Brian Ellendson Driver
Work Phone: 507-333-1685
Photo of  Steve  Erickson
Steve Erickson Evenings and Weekends Sports Complex Operations Manager
Work Phone: 507-333-1577
Photo of  Katie  Favro
Katie Favro Middle School Administrative Assistant
Work Phone: 507-333-1623
Photo of  Cheryl  Fleck
Cheryl Fleck Admissions Office Assistant
Work Phone: 507-333-1618 Work Fax: 507-333-1661
Photo of  Larry  Floren
Larry Floren Painting Supervisor
Work Phone: 507-333-1659
Photo of  Mike  Frankenfield
Mike Frankenfield English, Head Coach Boys Golf
Work Phone: 507-333-1674
Photo of  Terry  Gardner
Terry Gardner St. Mary's Hall Maintenance
Work Phone: 507-333-1685
Photo of  Kelly  Garlinski
Kelly Garlinski History, ESL
Work Phone: 507-333-1531
Photo of  Andrew  Garlinski '98
Andrew Garlinski '98 Director of ESL, ESL Instructor, Director of Global Education, Head Coach Boys Basketball
Work Phone: 507-333-1543
Photo of  David  Gerhart
David Gerhart Driver
Work Phone: 507-333-1685
Photo of  Leita  Gjersvig
Leita Gjersvig Spanish Instructor
Work Phone: 507-333-1583
Photo of  Amy  Gragg '88
Amy Gragg '88 Admissions Data Manager, Facilities Assistant
Work Phone: 507-333-1658 Work Phone: 507-333-1643 Work Fax: 507-333-1661
Photo of  Teresa  Gransee
Teresa Gransee Driver
Work Phone: 507-333-1685
Photo of  John  Groess
John Groess Mathematics, Ultimate Frisbee
Work Phone: 507-333-1521
Photo of  Jane  Hake, R.N.
Jane Hake, R.N. Health Center
Work Phone: 507-333-1644 Cell Phone: 507-339-3000
Photo of  Mary  Hart
Mary Hart Summer Programs Administrative Asst., College Counseling Support, School Store Assistant
Work Phone: 507-333-1693
Photo of  Kristin  Haseley
Kristin Haseley Assistant Coach, Girls Soccer
Photo of  Catherine  Hayward
Catherine Hayward Latin Instructor
Photo of  Michael  Higdon
Michael Higdon Director of CoE Golf
Work Phone: 507-333-1766
Photo of  Jen  Hillesheim
Jen Hillesheim Assistant to the President
Photo of  Carrie  Homuth
Carrie Homuth Dance
Work Phone: 507-333-1580
Photo of  Larry  Horstman
Larry Horstman Hockey Operations Coordinator
Work Phone: 507-333-1691 Cell Phone: 507-339-3148
Photo of  Jason  Horstman '07
Jason Horstman '07 Mathematics, Physical Education, Assistant Hockey Coach, Whipple Dorm Parent
Work Phone: 507-333-1522
Photo of  Akil  Howard '09
Akil Howard '09 Assistant Coach, Boys Soccer
Photo of  Heather  Hyslop '84
Heather Hyslop '84 Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement
Work Phone: 507-333-1636
Photo of  Leah  Inman
Leah Inman Science, Assistant Girls Volleyball Coach
Work Phone: 507-333-1514
Photo of  Matthew  Inman
Matthew Inman Science, Senior Class Dean, Asst. Coach Varsity Soccer
Work Phone: 507-333-1523
Photo of  Robert  Irby '60
Robert Irby '60 Mathematics
Photo of  Julie  Jarvis
Julie Jarvis Buildings Maintenance
Work Phone: 507-333-1635
Photo of  Colleen  Johnson
Colleen Johnson Registrar
Work Phone: 507-333-1621
Photo of  Pete  Johnson
Pete Johnson Assistant Athletic Director, Head Coach Girls U16 Hockey
Work Phone: 507-333-1642
Photo of  Rick  Jones
Rick Jones Facilities Plumber
Work Phone: 507-333-1714
Photo of  Richard  Kettering
Richard Kettering Director of Media Services - Librarian, Fesler-Lampert/Acoustic Roots Chair, Crack Squad Advisor, Asst. Coach Boys Tennis
Work Phone: 507-333-1631
Photo of  Tara  Kletschka
Tara Kletschka Administrative Assistant
Work Phone: 507-333-1767
Photo of  Kurtis  Klett
Kurtis Klett Sports Complex
Photo of  Jody  Koch
Jody Koch Director of Health Services, School Counselor
Work Phone: 507-333-1570 Cell Phone: 507-330-5693
Photo of  Jason  Krogh
Jason Krogh Food Services
Work Phone: 507-333-1633
Photo of  Alex  Kuehl
Alex Kuehl Assistant Boys CoE Soccer Coach, Goalkeepers Coach
Work Phone: 507-333-1748
Photo of Dr. Maren  LaLiberty
Dr. Maren LaLiberty Director of Bioscience
Work Phone: 507-333-1546
Photo of  Jim  Langeslag
Jim Langeslag Sports Complex
Work Phone: 507-333-1645
Photo of  Jason  Langevin
Jason Langevin Mathematics, Head Coach JV Baseball, Middle School Mathletes
Work Phone: 507-333-1539
Photo of  Linda  Laughlin
Linda Laughlin Director of Human Resources
Work Phone: 507-333-1613
Photo of  Joan  Lewis-Osborne
Joan Lewis-Osborne History, Mock Trial
Work Phone: 507-333-1564
Photo of  Andres  Leza
Andres Leza Head Coach, Boys U18 Soccer
Photo of Dr. Brian  Libby
Dr. Brian Libby History
Work Phone: 507-333-1510
Photo of  Jackie  Lisowski
Jackie Lisowski Driver, Grounds Crew
Work Phone: 507-333-1685
Photo of  Chris  Locker
Chris Locker Assistant Coach Boys' Midget AAA
Photo of  Joe  Longshore
Joe Longshore Guitar Instructor
Photo of  Dave  Lovercheck
Dave Lovercheck Head Coach, Girls U17 Soccer
Photo of  Dianne  Lyles
Dianne Lyles American Sign Language
Photo of  Don  MacMillan
Don MacMillan Head of School
Work Phone: 507-333-1624
Photo of  Wendie  Madigan
Wendie Madigan Day Librarian
Work Phone: 507-333-1631
Photo of  Steve  Martin
Steve Martin Masonry
Work Phone: 507-333-1643
Photo of  Kasey  McKenney
Kasey McKenney Assistant Coach, Girls Soccer
Photo of  Edward "T"  McKinley
Edward "T" McKinley Middle School English, Play Production Co-Director
Work Phone: 507-333-1518
Photo of  Robert  Meillier
Robert Meillier Food Services
Work Phone: 507-333-1633
Photo of  Merry  Mendoza
Merry Mendoza Spanish, World Language Department Chair
Work Phone: 507-333-1533
Photo of  Mike  Miller
Mike Miller St. James Campus Buildings and Grounds Supervisor
Cell Phone: 507-323-0669
Photo of  Maggie  Molter
Maggie Molter Mathematics Instructor
Photo of  Ryan  Moss
Ryan Moss Food Services
Photo of  Robert  Moullin
Robert Moullin Head Coach U16 Boys Soccer, Boys Top Talent Coordinator
Work Phone: 507-333-1743
Photo of  Dallas  Musselman
Dallas Musselman Assistant to Performing and Visual Arts
Work Phone: 507-333-1620
Photo of  Josh  Nelson
Josh Nelson Assistant Coach, Midget AA Hockey
Photo of  Adam  Nightingale
Adam Nightingale Head Coach, Bantam Tier 1 Hockey, Owner's Representative
Photo of  Sydney  O'Keefe
Sydney O'Keefe Asst. Coach Girls U16 Hockey, Webcasting Coordinator
Photo of  Mark  Olson
Mark Olson Director of Technology
Work Phone: 507-333-1519
Photo of  Paul  Olson
Paul Olson Grounds Supervisor
Work Phone: 507-333-1634 Cell Phone: 507-333-1634
Photo of  Meg  Otten
Meg Otten Associate Director of College Counseling
Work Phone: 507-333-1626
Photo of  Clay  Paciorek
Clay Paciorek Communications Specialist
Work Phone: 507-333-1588
Photo of  Milton  Papageorge
Milton Papageorge Drama, Public Speaking, Director of Drama
Photo of  Craig  Peck
Craig Peck English, Theatre and Sound Director, Sophomore Class Dean
Work Phone: 507-333-1526
Photo of  Janet  Peper
Janet Peper School Store Manager
Work Phone: 507-333-1632
Photo of  Cale  Politoski
Cale Politoski Sports Complex Manager, Head Coach U16 Hockey
Work Phone: 507-333-1575
Photo of  Dan  Ray
Dan Ray Science
Work Phone: 507-333-1536
Photo of Dr. Mindy  Ray
Dr. Mindy Ray Science
Work Phone: 507-333-1555
Photo of  Lynn  Redmond
Lynn Redmond Director of College Counseling
Work Phone: 507-333-1630
Photo of  Kaylee  Reese
Kaylee Reese Administrative Assistant BioScience and Engineering
Work Phone: 507-333-1524
Photo of  Marvin  Reuvers
Marvin Reuvers Food Services
Work Phone: 507-333-1633
Photo of  Isabel  Rodriguez
Isabel Rodriguez Spanish, Head Coach Volleyball
Photo of  Diana  Ronayne
Diana Ronayne Director of Figure Skating, Head Coach Figure Skating
Work Phone: 507-333-1563 Cell Phone: 507-330-5230
Photo of  Dave  Rott
Dave Rott Director of Finance
Work Phone: 507-333-1617
Photo of  Jill  Sauber
Jill Sauber Associate Director of College Counseling
Work Phone: 507-333-1619
Photo of  Patrick  Schaefer
Patrick Schaefer History Department Chair, Junior Class Dean
Work Phone: 507-333-1574
Photo of  Don  Scheel
Don Scheel English Department Chair, Asst. Coach Boys Basketball
Work Phone: 507-333-1502
Photo of  Karen  Scheel
Karen Scheel Director of Studies
Work Phone: 507-333-1579
Photo of  Lonnie  Schroeder
Lonnie Schroeder Director of Institutional Advancement
Work Phone: 507-333-1637 Cell Phone: 507-330-4502
Photo of  Marlyn  Schwanke
Marlyn Schwanke Facilities Painter
Work Phone: 507-333-1659
Photo of  Erin  Sellner
Erin Sellner Administrative Assistant to the Head of School
Work Phone: 507-333-1663
Photo of  Clark  Shirley
Clark Shirley Athletic Trainer
Photo of  James  Silkey
James Silkey Baker
Work Phone: 507-333-1633
Photo of  Thomas  Silkey
Thomas Silkey Executive Chef, Associate Director of Food Services
Work Phone: 507-333-1633
Photo of  Gregory  Simons, Jr.
Gregory Simons, Jr. Science, Associate Dean of Student Life, Head Coach Varsity Soccer
Work Phone: 507-333-1503
Photo of  Jocelyn  Simpfenderfer
Jocelyn Simpfenderfer Mathematics, Associate Dean of Residential Life
Work Phone: 507-333-1537
Photo of  Charlotte  Smith
Charlotte Smith Acting Director of Admissions
Work Phone: 507-333-1568 Work Fax: 507-333-1661
Photo of  Hannah  Sobol
Hannah Sobol Assistant Director of weCreate
Work Phone: 507-333-1505
Photo of  Rick  Stadler
Rick Stadler Facilities Coordinator
Work Phone: 507-333-1643 Cell Phone: 507-339-2992
Photo of  Debra  Stafford
Debra Stafford English, The Spectator Advisor, Middle School Theatrical Production
Work Phone: 507-333-1528
Photo of  Gordie  Stafford
Gordie Stafford English, Director of Girls Hockey, Head Coach Girls Prep Hockey, Director of Girls Hockey Camp
Work Phone: 507-333-1589 Cell Phone: 507-339-3011
Photo of  Lindsey  Stafford
Lindsey Stafford Business Development Manager
Work Phone: 507-333-1842
Photo of  Laura  Stelter
Laura Stelter ESL Instructor, Asst. Coach Girls Tennis, Ropes Course Coodinator
Work Phone: 507-333-1616
Photo of  Karma  Sticha
Karma Sticha Driver
Work Phone: 507-333-1685
Photo of  Milton  Sticha
Milton Sticha Driver
Work Phone: 507-333-1685
Photo of  Nick  Stoneman
Nick Stoneman President
Work Phone: 507-333-1629
Photo of  Christine  Sullivan
Christine Sullivan Center for Academic Achievement Instructor
Work Phone: 507-333-1527
Photo of  Marc  Sutton
Marc Sutton General Administrative Manager Soccer
Work Phone: 507-333-1609
Photo of  James  Taylor
James Taylor Mathematics and Engineering Instructor
Photo of  Mary Kay  Thompson
Mary Kay Thompson Food Services
Work Phone: 507-333-1633
Photo of  Norm  Tischer
Norm Tischer Facilities Engineer
Work Phone: 507-333-1647
Photo of  Kari  Tobin
Kari Tobin Communications Specialist
Work Phone: 507-333-1599
Photo of  Patty  Travers
Patty Travers Chief Operating Officer, Director of Business Development
Work Phone: 507-333-1879
Photo of  Joan  Trinka
Joan Trinka Food Services
Work Phone: 507-333-1633
Photo of  Beth  Trout
Beth Trout Middle School Director, Spanish
Work Phone: 507-333-1648
Photo of  Ben  Umhoefer '05
Ben Umhoefer '05 Assistant Coach Bantam Tier 1 Hockey, Admissions Associate
Work Phone: 507-333-1535 Work Fax: 507-333-1661 (admissions)
Photo of  David  Van Thomme
David Van Thomme Carpentry
Work Phone: 507-333-1643
Photo of  Shari  VanDerVeen, R.N.
Shari VanDerVeen, R.N. Associate Director of Health Center
Work Phone: 507-333-1590 Cell Phone: 507-339-3000
Photo of  Joel  Varley
Joel Varley Chemistry Instructor
Photo of Dr. Denis  Vlahovic
Dr. Denis Vlahovic English, Director of Honors Program
Work Phone: 507-333-1517
Photo of  Peter  Vollmar
Peter Vollmar Security
Cell Phone: 507-339-2836
Photo of  Jim  Walker
Jim Walker Electrician
Work Phone: 507-333-1720
Photo of  Johnnie  Walker
Johnnie Walker Visual Arts Instructor, Performing and Visual Arts Department Chair, Photography Club
Work Phone: 507-333-1520
Photo of  Tom  Ward
Tom Ward Director of Hockey, Head Coach Boys Prep Hockey
Work Phone: 507-333-1592
Photo of  Amy  Warthesen
Amy Warthesen French
Photo of  Stephan  Weissmann
Stephan Weissmann Director of Technology Infrastructure
Work Phone: 507-333-1593
Photo of  Amy  Wolf
Amy Wolf Director of Marketing & Communications
Work Phone: 507-333-1585
Photo of  Debra  Wolf
Debra Wolf Bookkeeper
Work Phone: 507-333-1614
Photo of  James  Yao
James Yao Choral Instructor, Music Accompanist
Work Phone: 507-333-1559
Photo of  Molly  Yergens
Molly Yergens Visual Arts, Art Club Advisor, Yearbook Advisor
Work Phone: 507-333-1572
Photo of  Mike  Yerhot
Mike Yerhot Ice Arena
Work Phone: 507-333-1645
Photo of  Jeff  Zimmerman
Jeff Zimmerman Sports Complex
Work Phone: 507-333-1645