• March 29

    Four SSM Students Advance in National History Day Competition

    Middle School students to compete in state competition on April 29 at the University of Minnesota.
  • March 28

    SSM Families: The Boones

    “What I love most about living here at Shattuck-St. Mary’s are all of the students and people working hard around our campus to make this a nice place to live and the way they take time to stop and show interest and friendship for our kids.” - Brenda Boone
  • March 27

    Senior Speeches: The Importance of Positivity

    “I can’t say that everything is perfect now, because change takes time, but at least now I’m trying to make a difference.”
  • March 24

    Senior Speeches: A Morning Unlike Any Other

    “Although it is difficult to find a silver lining in this disaster, for me it is the vigorous support system that emerged. No matter what adversity I struggle with in my life, I now know that at home I have family, friends, and a resilient community that will support me and guide me through difficult times.”
  • March 23

    Passion for Music Highlights Latest Deep Dive

    Upper School Math/Science Teacher Maggie Molter shares her journey as a musician during the latest “Deep Dive and Dessert” in weCreate.
  • March 21

    The Paradox of Loss

    Nick Stoneman shares a personal reflection on how grief and loss can offer us new ways to look at our lives.
  • March 20

    Senior Speeches: Finding Strength Within

    “As long as I believe, I can slash through any obstacle in my life.”

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