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SabreSpeak: In Our Own Words

  • March 27
    “I can’t say that everything is perfect now, because change takes time, but at least now I’m trying to make a difference.”
  • March 24
    “Although it is difficult to find a silver lining in this disaster, for me it is the vigorous support system that emerged. No matter what adversity I struggle with in my life, I now know that at home I have family, friends, and a resilient community that will support me and guide me through difficult times.”
  • March 20
    “As long as I believe, I can slash through any obstacle in my life.”
  • March 17
    “Realizing I was not four but fourteen, I forced myself to become more independent. I made myself go out of my comfort zone and to face the world that I had always hidden from.”
  • March 15
    Students tour asset management firm, learn more about the banking industry, and engage in Q&A session with young executives at top investment bank in Minneapolis.