Resources for Parents

Clay Paciorek captured the summer colors above and below during this Registration Week shot.

Welcome, parents and families.

Below are links to several resources where parents can find important information regarding the Shattuck-St. Mary’s community.


  • March 24

    Senior Speeches: A Morning Unlike Any Other

    “Although it is difficult to find a silver lining in this disaster, for me it is the vigorous support system that emerged. No matter what adversity I struggle with in my life, I now know that at home I have family, friends, and a resilient community that will support me and guide me through difficult times.”
  • March 23

    Passion for Music Highlights Latest Deep Dive

    Upper School Math/Science Teacher Maggie Molter shares her journey as a musician during the latest “Deep Dive and Dessert” in weCreate.
  • March 21

    The Paradox of Loss

    Nick Stoneman shares a personal reflection on how grief and loss can offer us new ways to look at our lives.