Resources for Parents

Welcome, parents and families.

Below are links to several resources where parents can find important information regarding the Shattuck-St. Mary’s community.


  • April 28 Image preview

    Being a Hope Giver

    Hope. It’s a powerful thing. It can be as simple as hoping to find that elusive missing sock. During his Chapel Talk on April 27th, Nick Stoneman talked about the importance of having hope and offering hope to others.
  • April 19 Image preview

    SSM Announces New Vocal Performance Director

    Peter Schleif has been named Shattuck-St. Mary’s third director of the Vocal Performance Center of Excellence.
  • April 13 Image preview

    The Hints Around Us

    Life is full of clues – clues about ourselves, our passions, our futures. They don’t jump up and say, “Hey, take note. There’s a message here!” We should all be so lucky. But they exist, and discovering them – even well after the fact – can be personally rewarding. These sometimes elusive clues can guide our search for personal meaning and direction.