Headmaster’s Scholarship

  • Headmaster’s Scholarships are awarded to students who have earned a grade-point average of 3.5 or better in the previous school year and have scored over the 95th percentile on national norms on a standardized test (including the SSAT, PSAT, or ERB). Up to six scholarships are awarded each year to qualified new 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students. Candidates must apply by March 1 and exhibit outstanding academic ability and a potential for contributing to the school community in other areas such as athletics, fine and performing arts, student government and community service. Renewable annually, the scholarships are valued at $7,500 for boarding students and $4,000 for day students.
  • Nine of the Headmaster’s Scholarships are offered through endowed funds:
    • The Sharon Hoffman Avent ’64 Headmaster’s Scholarship
    • The Charles W. and Evangeline A. Newhall Headmaster’s Scholarship
    • The Col. James Donald Strong ’27 Headmaster’s Scholarship
    • The Oscar A. Schroeter ’26 Headmaster’s Scholarship
    • The Class of ’43 Garlinski Headmaster’s Scholarship
    • The Anthony G. Zulfer, Jr. ’46 Headmaster’s Scholarship
    • The Helen Lang ’13 Headmaster’s Scholarships (3)

Performing Arts Scholarship Program

  • The Performing Arts Scholarships are awarded to new students in grades 6-11 who are involved in dance, drama, vocal and instrumental music. The scholarships, valued at $5,000 for boarding students and $2,500 for day students, are awarded annually on the basis of an audition.
  • One of the Performing Arts Scholarships is offered through an endowed fund:
    • The Anthony G. Zulfer, Jr. ’46 Performing Arts Scholarship

Bruning Foundation Scholarship

  • Funded by the Silge/Bruning families in 1993, the Bruning Scholarship is awarded to a 9th grade student with an outstanding academic record. Minimum qualifications: a grade-point average of 3.5 or better, standardized testing above the 90th percentile nationally, and demonstrated financial need. Bruning Scholars are required to earn a minimum 3.0 gpa at Shattuck-St. Mary’s and continue to demonstrate financial need to be eligible for renewal of their award in their sophomore through senior years.

Class of ’40 Scholarship

  • Established in 1990 by the Class of 1940 as part of their 50th reunion celebration, the scholarship is awarded to a freshman or sophomore “with outstanding academic standing and with leadership in extra-curricular activities.”

Crack Squad Endowment Scholarship

  • Established in 1995 by former members of the Crack Squad, this scholarship is awarded to an entering freshman or sophomore male student, without regard to race or religion, who is in the top 20th percentile academically of his previous school, and has demonstrated initiative and leadership in non-academic activities. The student’s family must have a demonstrated financial need.

Ethel H. and Herbert W. Rowse Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by the Shattuck School Class of 1945 during its 50th reunion, this scholarship is awarded to a student with outstanding academic standing and with a record of initiative and leadership in extra-curricular activities. The student’s family must have a demonstrated financial need.

Margaret L. and C.B. Sweatt, Sr. Scholarship

  • Established in 1992 by Charles B. Sweatt, Jr. ’46 and his brother, Harry Sweatt. The full tuition scholarship, funded by the Minneapolis Foundation, is awarded to an enrolled member of the White Earth Band of Ojibway. The student must have an honors academic record.

Paul Dillon ’02/Virginia Pope Clergy Scholarship

  • Established from a bequest to the School by Paul Dillon ’02, the Pope Clergy Scholarship offers a tuition discount of $5,000 to children and grandchildren of Episcopal clergy.

Lampert-Fesler Scholarship

  • Established in 1985 with a gift from David R. Fesler ’46 in memory of his mother, Mae E. Lampert, the scholarship recognizes “bright and eager” students who have actively participated in the performing arts.

Class of 1946 Scholarship

  • Established in 1996 as part of its 50th reunion celebration, the Class of 1946 Scholarship recognizes a student “of character, whose family would not otherwise be able to afford the tuition” at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School.

Bishop Kellogg Scholarship

  • Established in 2001 through a bequest, this scholarship honors the Rt. Reverend Hamilton H. Kellogg, Fifth Bishop of Minnesota. It is awarded to the rising senior girl and boy who have “increased their potential to the greatest extent during enrollment at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School.” The scholarship is also awarded to the rising 9th grade student who has “increased his or her potential to the greatest extent during enrollment at the S-SM Middle School.”


For more information about supporting scholarships, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement.