SSM-Forest City

SSM-Forest City is a PreK-12 expansion school in Forest City, Malaysia. It opened on August 23, 2018. 

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SSM-Forest City will offer an American-style educational program starting with its youngest students and culminating in a variety of Upper School offerings in Advanced Placement (AP). School work will allow for not only formal teacher-based instruction, but also guided independent exploration of knowledge (i.e., information gathering, analysis, and synthesis), and regular collaborative work. A rigorous academic program featuring a particular focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) will be complemented by robust offerings in arts and athletics.

The school campus in Forest City will offer a diverse array of facilities to support academic, athletic and artistic pursuits. Graduates of will join a worldwide network of more than 6,000 Shattuck-St. Mary’s alumni.

School Divisions

All divisions including boarding facilities (from grade 6 to 10) are slated to begin in Fall 2018.

Lower School

The Lower School will employ an integrated, Montessori-inspired approach to Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, Computer Science, World Languages, Arts, and Music. Students will be introduced to a comprehensive writing program integrating reading and writing from the early grades.

Middle School

The Middle School, welcoming grades 6-9, will offer a rigorous curriculum in English, History, STEM, Health, World Languages, Computer Science, Physical Education, and the Arts. Participation in athletics is required and students can choose from several competitive and non-competitive options. The Middle School calendar will feature a rich array of extracurricular events, contests, and excursions.

Upper School

The Upper School will challenge students to develop both breadth and depth throughout their Upper School experience in both academics and co-curricular activities. An Advisory Program will match each student with a faculty advisor who serves as advocate and mentor throughout their Upper School experience.

Global Perspective

Students will be actively encouraged to develop global perspectives, habits of mind, and habits of heart that permit them to engage and address, as world citizens, the widest range of current and prospective global issues. A commitment to community service, public purpose, and sustainable living will form an integral part of these global perspectives. Students will benefit from a close association with the Shattuck-St. Mary’s School campus in Minnesota by participating in periodic exchanges and academic collaborations.

Forest City, Malaysia

Standing opposite Singapore, across the Strait of Johor, is the site of a new project that its architects and developers hope will be the future of urban life in southeast Asia – a mega-city built along eco-friendly lines, with green energy and an end to the pollution that afflicts so many of Asia’s cities…

Energy will be provided from renewable sources, transport will be publicly provided, waste will be diverted to other uses, and the city is planned by the Malaysian government as a showcase to be copied on a bigger scale across the region. The plans are for a city that not only incorporates the latest in environmentally friendly technology, but that is designed for social integration. Green spaces and areas where people can mingle and relax will improve people’s wellbeing and encourage social cohesion…. Skyscrapers will be mixed with low-rise buildings and small self-contained “neighborhoods”. (Excerpt from: The Guardian)

The Iskandar Malaysia project features several easily-accessed, pedestrian friendly islands with neighborhoods intentionally arranged to accommodate services from housing to shopping to health care to education. Most traditional transportation – cars and buses – travels almost exclusively underground while the surface is crisscrossed by an elevated monorail, walkways, parks, and lots of greenery, including on the sides of buildings. The school’s campus is located on the main island, and is prominently positioned as the first set of buildings as one crosses the causeway onto the island. To learn more about the Forest City project, click here for a short video.