SSM-Los Angeles

Shattuck-St. Mary’s-Los Angeles* (SSM-LA) is a new all-boys Catholic high school in Simi Valley, California. The day and boarding school is slated to open for the 2020-2021 academic year, enrolling 9th, 10th and 11th graders. Enrollment for 12th grade will begin in ’21.


Academic Program

Built on the rigorous curriculum powering Shattuck-St. Mary’s 162 year-old flagship school in Faribault, Minnesota, SSM-LA will offer a blend of strong, traditional education with innovative, creative learning opportunities.


At the heart of SSM’s college preparatory model is the ScholarShift® program. This program promotes essential time management skills and fosters educational self-awareness in preparation for selecting a college major. The program provides 1:1 time with each of the student’s teachers, similar to working with college professors during “office hours.” ScholarShift’s series of educational experiences - comprised of blended classes and unique learning modules - culminate in a year-long, self-designed Senior Initiative project presented to the school.


Another unique component of SSM academics is weCreate®, a dynamic philosophy and work space that stresses creativity, collaboration, and innovation. WeCreate helps students pursue their innovative interests, and includes studios featuring video editing, animation, writing, fashion design, graphic design, e-design, architecture, music recording and editing, digital photography, engineering, and much more.


The ScholarShift program allows for career exploration through internship opportunities and cultivates creativity through portfolio development in the weCreate Center.


Additionally, a majority of students elect to participate in a demanding and focused Center of Excellence (COE) program. COEs provide students with opportunities to pursue their passion in high-quality facilities led by a recognized and accomplished director. Each COE’s goal is to support its participants’ efforts to explore, develop, and achieve at new levels. 


The following academic, artistic and athletic COEs are being considered at SSM-LA:

  • Baseball
  • BioScience
  • Engineering
  • E-sports
  • Film
  • Ice Hockey
  • String Instruments


Performing and Visual Arts Program

Performing arts co-curricular activities will include dance, drama, choir, band, orchestra, individual instrument classes, and electronic music production. Visual arts will include drawing, sculpture, painting, ceramics, photography, and graphic design.


Athletic Program

SSM-LA will have a full set of athletic offerings in addition to those in the COE. These will evolve as the student body grows, but are intended to include: basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and track & field.


Hockey COE

SSM-LA will be offering a Hockey COE, beginning in the 2020 school year. The School aspires to have a AAA program, but will need to apply for, and receive approval from, the California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) before it can do so.


SSM-LA has signed a partnership agreement with the Ventura Mariners whereby the Mariners’ current AA travel program will serve as the required feeder to SSM-LA’s AAA program, should the latter be approved by CAHA. SSM-LA is deeply committed to player development, and is excited to have the opportunity to work with the Mariners and its player base.


SSM-LA’s hockey COE will have the following characteristics:

  • Team practices – 5 days per week, 75-90 minute sessions
  • Strength and conditioning – 3 days per week, led by the strength and conditioning coach.
  • Video – Weekly team video and individual video. 
  • Small group skill sessions – Available daily in 30-45 minute modules before or after team practices. 
  • Goaltender training – Goaltending coach, and weekly goaltending training.
  • Schedule – 50-60 games for AAA teams designed to maximize a blend of competition and visibility, while also mindful of the importance of training; Varsity and JV schedules are still to be determined.
  • Tryouts – Consistent with CAHA rules for all California based players. Players must apply to both the School and the Hockey program, if the player is pursuing a position on what SSM-LA hopes will be its AAA program, subject to CAHA acceptance. Acceptance to the School does not secure a spot in any AAA program the School may offer. Players not interested in AAA hockey will be able to play on either the Varsity or JV hockey teams. 
  • Coaching staff – The staff will be hired in pace with the addition of new teams. Qualifications and experience of the coaching staff will be on par with those in place for SSM.
  • Team composition – Over the course of SSM-LA’s first three years, it hopes to offer AAA programs as follows: in 2020 14U, 15U, 16U, and a JV team; in 2021, 16U and a Varsity team, and in 2022, a 18U team.
  • Hockey fee – The fee for participation in the hockey program will depend upon each team’s travel schedule and has not yet been set. It will be inclusive of all the travel costs and the described program element ice time. It’s estimated to range between $7,000 - $15,000. 


Projected Tuition for 2020-2021

  • Day student – $33,120
  • Boarding student – $54,300



For questions or additional information about SSM-LA, please contact Matt Ruby, SSM-LA Head of School, at [email protected]


*School name, pending final approval from Archdiocese.