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Navigating life at an American boarding school? We speak your language.

Our comprehensive ESL program offers a variety of courses to nurture the further development of English speaking, reading, listening, and writing and to help students develop academic and conversational English. These courses come with additional tuition fees. Our Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) center is open to Shattuck-St. Mary’s students and provides a familiar setting for an important test.

From providing extensive ESL support, to staying in close touch with parents, to bridging cultural differences within the school community, the ESL Program creates a cohesive experience for international students. Home stay experiences with American families, travel opportunities during breaks, on-campus cook fests and regular email communication are just a few of the services provided to students and their parents.

The ESL Program coordinates International Student Orientation and organizes home stays for students during breaks. The ESL Program also runs the International Club which puts on two school events: Building Bridges Day and International Day.

We ask our new international students to arrive to campus two days early each year to participate in International Student Orientation. These extra days give students and families the opportunity to overcome jet lag while becoming more familiar with the school before the entire student body is on campus. For most international students, this is their first time actually stepping foot on our campus. During orientation, they complete their English testing while getting chances to coordinate banking options, mobile phone contracts, and learning about school rules and policies.

ESL course catalog and descriptions

ESL Department Faculty

Mary Arteaga

Titles: ESL Instructor

Jan Gould-Martin

Class of '75
Titles: English Instructor, English & ESL Department Chair

Joe Shannon

Titles: ESL Instructor

Amy Vogen

Titles: Middle School Admin. Assistant, ESL Instructor