The Honors Program and Advanced Placement

Brainwork. Challenge. Achievement.

The Honors Program provides an outlet for students interested in pursuing an independent academic project during their junior and senior years. Students accepted into the program complete a capstone project and participate in discussions, readings, and trips to local museums or colleges to attend presentations.

The Senior Capstone Project is a year-long research project each student must complete in order to earn a diploma with honors. Each student is required to choose a topic and gain approval from the Honors Program Directors. Once a topic is chosen the Directors work to help each student complete research and to write an in-depth research paper. The seniors must also present their findings in a formal presentation to the SSM faculty during Spring Term.

Honors Program applicants are students in grades 10 and 11. The application includes a writing sample, recommendation letters from SSM faculty, and an interview.

SSM offers a total of 17 Advanced Placement (AP) courses across all of the academic disciplines. For students seeking to further delve into specific subject areas, the AP approach offers rigorous options.

Honors Poster Session Winter 2021

In lieu of an in-person poster session this year, the students of the Honors Program are presenting their research virtually, and would love your feedback! Read the posters below, and use the QR codes to send questions and feedback to our students.

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