Engineering Center of Excellence

Problem Solving. Designing. Building. 

SSM Engineering Center of Excellence

Engineering is a broad discipline with many diverse specializations. The Engineering Center of Excellence at Shattuck-St. Mary’s is a fully engaging experience that introduces students to the world of engineering, including off-campus company tours, conferences, and seminars. It provides real, hands-on design and fabrication opportunities, while also preparing students for the rigors of college. Students will choose an area of interest in which to research, design, and assemble a project, while maintaining a thorough academic background in higher level topics, such as digital and sequential circuits, or programming.

Program Components:

  • 1st Year Curriculum:
    Students will be able to identify problems, constraints and formulate a design to solve engineering problems by operating modeling software, 3D printers, computer programming languages, Arduino circuits, CNC wood router and plasma cutters, and laser engraving and cutting machinery.
  • 2nd Year Curriculum:
    Students will be able to apply the knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering to study selected topics within all the major branches of engineering while learning the overall job responsibilities of each type of engineer. For the topics selected for in depth study, students will be exposed to undergraduate level academics.
  • Engineering Project:
    Students will be able to explore their individual passions to design a system or product that solves a problem, while maintaining any project constraints initially identified. Students will also be able to communicate effectively using professional poster presentations and a summative senior capstone presentation.
  • Ethics:
    Students will be able to recognize the ethical responsibility of all types of engineers and understand that their designs directly impact the health and wellbeing of humans.
  • Engineering as a career:
    Students will be able meet, interview, and work with working engineers from many disciplines. From this experience among others, students will be able to assess whether they may wish to pursue a specific discipline of engineering.


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