• With college just a year or two away, why do schools hold seniors and juniors in the same type of work schedule they had when they were in middle school?

  • Knowing that all students learn differently, why do we hold them all to the same structure?

  • With technology and the Internet changing how we work, why do schools retain a structure they had a century ago?

  • With new jobs emerging all the time, and with most people changing careers and jobs much more frequently than ever before, how do we know the traditional school model prepares our graduates for their future?

  • Read about the rationale for why we developed the Blended Classes Model

    At Shattuck-St. Mary’s, ScholarShift = 

    + self-management

    + 21st century skills

    + passion development and exploration

    + flexibility

    + breaking out of the old schedule

    + customization

    + independence/initiative

    + sustained energy & engagement

    +  projects/experiences beyond the classroom

    + “true college prep” 


What is ScholarShift®?

  • Beginning with the SSM Class of 2018, our educational approach for the 11th and 12th grades will grow to include, in addition to the excellent college preparatory academic program we have long offered, a series of educational experiences comprised of blended classes, a parallel curriculum of learning modules, and a year-long self-designed educational experience. We are calling this series of experiences ScholarShift.
  • Juniors will choose from a broad catalog of modules, many of which have been proposed by the students themselves. The modules focus on everything from financial literacy to writing poetry, from film making to gender roles in popular media. Students will have the opportunity to study botany in our own backyard, record and edit podcasts in our weCreate Center, and grapple with the complex issues facing our local and national communities today. After completing this foundational year, seniors will spend their final year at SSM engaged in internships, developing significant research projects, or designing other year-long experiences that explore their passions and expand their skills and talents. 
  • 11th and 12th grade academic classes will be offered in a blended class model. This model opens up the weekly schedule so that students can engage in the opportunities ScholarShift provides alongside their traditional, classroom-based academic program. It also requires students to hone their time management skills and prepares them for the college model in which seeking extra help from professors requires planning and initiative and each day is not predetermined hour by hour. 
  • To meet our academic graduation requirements, our students will complete their academic coursework plus the three-year ScholarShift series of experiences. Completion of these new requirements will be reflected on student transcripts along with the full array of rigorous college preparatory courses currently offered in our curriculum.