Academic Support

The Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) opened in 2004 to address the learning needs of our student population. 

Our goal is to foster the academic success of students by providing them with the academic skills and learning strategies that will help them make the most of their time at our School and become independent and confident life-long learners.

The Center for Academic Achievement is designed to recognize and enhance the potential of students with mild to moderate learning disabilities and/or ADHD and average to above average cognitive abilities. Students enrolled in the program are required to meet the current graduation requirements met by all students. Each student with a diagnosed learning difference (some of whom are identified after their arrival at SSM) receives a 504 accommodations plan describing his or her learning style, academic goals, and necessary accommodations.

<em>Ms. Simpfenderfer works with a student in the Center for Academic Achievement classroom.</em>Ms. Simpfenderfer works with a student in the Center for Academic Achievement classroom.

Students enrolled in the CAA receive individualized, concentrated instruction, which is specifically tailored to their diagnosed learning disability and their educational needs.

Our fee-based program is staffed with qualified professionals, three with graduate degrees in relevant educational fields and one in the process of obtaining a graduate degree in special education. 


Center for Academic Achievement Staff