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Shattuck-St. Mary's Upper School

The Shattuck-St. Mary’s Upper School is a dynamic and diverse community serving students in grades 10-12, as well as offering a post-graduate program. At SSM, the whole student is valued and we work to develop our students into citizens of integrity through a wide variety of experiences both on and off campus. We provide opportunities for our students to participate in nine different Centers of Excellence, a variety of arts programs, our weCreate Center, and/or our co-curricular offerings. To facilitate our students' participation in these programs and to further their development beyond the traditional classroom, we also incorporate a blended model, ScholarShift, and an advisory program. 


Our Upper School Director - Patrick Schaefer

Patrick Schaefer

Director of the Upper School

Patrick Schaefer joined the SSM community in the fall of 2006 as a full-time teacher in the History Department and became Upper School Director in 2017. He loves working with the dedicated students and faculty of SSM and enjoys the unique challenges that come each year. He is grateful that he and his family are a part of the SSM community.

Our Upper School Junior Class Dean - Matthew Inman

Matthew Inman

Assistant Upper School Director

Our Upper School Senior Class Dean - Carrie Homuth

Carrie Homuth

Assistant Upper School Director

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Blended & ScholarShift

A student inspects the engine of a small plane before flying

Many of our Upper School classes are offered in the blended model. Rather than meeting as a whole class five days a week, students are given the opportunity to work independently, collaboratively, or with teachers for additional support once or twice a week. With this flexibility and autonomy, our students learn effective time management and self-advocacy skills that will serve them well after graduation. 

Tying in with that, our ScholarShift® program is designed to offer learning opportunities beyond those which are offered in the traditional classroom experience. Each grade has a different area of focus for ScholarShift, ultimately culminating in a Senior Initiative which is a year-long, student-driven project. 



Students in front of the upper school campus

The SSM Upper School is a community. While the physical campus is beautiful, it is the people — students, faculty, parents, and alumni — who make SSM a special place for so many. Most of our faculty and students live on campus, creating a close-knit community and supportive environment that allows for more meaningful connections when compared to other schools. Additionally, to encourage our students’ success each SSM Upper School student is assigned an advisor. The advisor’s role is multifaceted and allows one adult from our community to understand and support each student in all aspects of their experience at SSM.  


College Prep Academics

A student in the Honors Program presents his final project
The SSM Upper School academic program blends traditional curriculum with an innovative one. Students have access to wide offerings of Advanced Placement (AP), honors, and grade-level courses in English & ESL, History and Social Studies, Math, Science, World Language, and the Performing & Visual Arts. Students also engage in courses and develop their own learning opportunities through our weCreate Center.

In addition, our students also benefit from the opportunity to work closely with our college counselors. Our college counselors guide students through the complexity of the college admissions process and make sure they are prepared for the next steps after graduation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Class Deans 

Group Photo of the Upper School Class Deans


Nicole Tayton

Sophomore Grade Class Dean

Matthew Inman

Junior Grade Class Dean

Kitty Gorman

Junior Grade Class Dean

Carrie Homuth

Senior Grade Class Dean 

Greg Simons

Senior Grade Class Dean