Domestic Boarding Tuition


Tuition Fee (Includes all costs of meals, room, and school instruction) 
2021-22 Domestic Boarding Student - One Payment  $55,000
Other fees not included in Tuition Fee, but required: 
Books (estimated, varies by grade and course enrollment) $400-$800
Health Insurance (only for students without health insurance) $3,000 estimate
Incidental Account Deposit (may cover airport transfers, weekly allowances, laundry, etc.) $500
Uniforms (estimated, varies by student preference) $400-$800
Other fees as applicable to individual students: 
Advanced Placement (AP) Exam, per test $91 and up
Center for Academic Achievement - Full Time $1,850 per term
Center for Academic Achievement - Part Time (minimum two sessions per week) $57.50 per session
Centers of Excellence (includes most applicable costs of participation)  


     Engineering $5,250

     Figure Skating Gold


  Figure Skating Silver

     Golf - Tier I $7,500
     Golf - Tier II $5,000 
     Hockey Boys Base Fee $6,050
    Hockey Boys Prep Fee (in addition to Base Fee)  $300
    Hockey Girls  $6,050
     Pre-Conservatory $4,750
     Music Lessons $3,250
     Soccer Boys $6,250
      Soccer Girls $6,750
     Vocal Performance $4,750
     The Major $2,750
English as a Second Language - ESL (dependent upon level of ESL required) $1,800-$5,450
Senior Year Fee $300
Testing fees (example ACT, SAT, PSAT) $30 and up
Tuition Refund Plan (required with 10-month payment plan) $2,000
10-month Payment Plan Administration Fee $300 


* Many costs above are estimates, and a student may incur more or less costs for attendance.