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Linh Nga Nguyen '21

I have matured a lot during my time at Shattuck, both personally and academically. By living in the dorm, I learn to better take care of myself and discover a lot about who I am as a person. Additionally, with the blended schedule and the online learning, Shattuck has taught me how to effectively manage my time and seek help whenever help is needed. I believe that Shattuck strives to encourage their students to become not only the best version of themselves but also the most educated people who know how to give back to their community.


Shelbi Guttormson '21

My experience at SSM has brought independence, leadership, and communication into my life which has created a solid foundation for me to go into the next chapters of my life. I have learned independence by living on my own and figuring out things by myself. I have learned leadership by my coaches, teachers, and the girls ahead of me that have shown skills that can’t be taught. I have learned communication through speaking with coaches, teachers and piers to help guide me in the right direction.


Miya Lennon '18

The community that Shattuck offers is so great. You're never going to be around a community where everyone's so motivated. And that's a result of how many people are always pushing you, they're checking up on you physically, mentally, emotionally, and that's really beautiful honestly. With COVID, it's really hard to meet new people, so you're really relying on these connections you made in high school. It's so nice when you need words of encouragement.