Student Pioneers

Shattuck-St. Mary’s students started piloting ScholarShift experiences in 2012. Here are a few of our recent graduates. 

Iliana Alvarez ’16

“Classrooms are confining. Not only physically, but mentally. Having to sit in a classroom is numbing in the sense that one is confined to thinking the way others think, and thinking the way the teacher wants you to. You have to play along with the classroom etiquette, and questioning the ideas put forth by teachers can only go so far. 

Asking questions in a classroom can be intimidating because showing that you don’t know something makes you feel vulnerable. 

Blended classes allow you to teach yourself at your own pace, since not every student learns the same way. You are free to form individualistic thoughts without the fear of judgment or disdain.

This opens the door to self-discovery, which in turns leads to risk-taking, creativity, and innovation.”

Sean Dunlop ’16

“Last year I organized and ran a program about nutrition with two of my friends, on top of a research project. This year, I am leaning towards another collaborative project that ties in a school event and working with Student Government. 

I have an extremely favorable opinion of blended classes at Shattuck - they provide the student with the resources to succeed in classes as well as in their respective Center of Excellence. I find that I have a lot more time when I get my work done during the day, and can work on larger projects, or extra-curricular activities.” 

Ricky Wang ’15

“I think taking blended classes at SSM definitely made me more confident trying new ideas when something hasn’t worked. There are so many opportunities for me here at my university, and I am now comfortable trying new things. SSM was a great environment to try new things because there are people there to support you. At a large university, there isn’t that same support, but the new opportunities are still here for you to try and you need to be comfortable doing so.”