ScholarShift® by Grade

What does ScholarShift look like at each grade level?

Grade 10

Sophomores enroll in at least one blended class as an introduction to the model. In addition to their core academic courses, they complete a year-long weCreate experience for credit. This experience encourages students to explore and learn new skills in several of the weCreate studios. In addition, it has self-paced elements that ask the students to manage their own learning. Advisors and the weCreate faculty support the sophomores as they complete this requirement.

Grade 11

Juniors complete a parallel curriculum in addition to their academic courses. The parallel curriculum is comprised of a series of ScholarShift modules. These mini-courses cover a diverse set of exciting and engaging interdisciplinary topics and introduce students to new skills and concepts that they do not normally have the chance to learn from their core classes. Facilitated by Shattuck-St. Mary’s faculty and staff and guest lecturers, students step out of their comfort zone and learn more about themselves before they head off to college. Students are able to choose their own path through this rich curriculum, reflect on who they are as people, as learners, and as leaders, and engage deeply with ideas and problems they see in the world today. The parallel curriculum is designed to inspire the juniors to develop their own learning experience for their final year at SSM. 

Grade 12

Seniors complete a year-long self-designed educational experience, called a Senior Initiative, in addition to their academic courses. The modules juniors choose through the parallel curriculum should inspire a spark so that, during senior year, they will extend their learning through internships in the local community, creative and innovative endeavors in our weCreate Center, significant service learning opportunities, critical inquiry and research into issues of personal and academic interest, deeper exploration of a module experience, and/or other opportunities that allow them to explore their passions and learn as they do, not as they sit!