The structure of the academic program for the sophomores remains the same as in prior years. Students take English and higher-level English as a Second Language (ESL) courses in the blended model as an introduction to this structure. Because many of our upper-level World Language and Math courses are primarily populated with juniors and seniors, some sophomores might have more than one blended class if they enroll in those courses. Teachers and advisors coach students regarding time management, self-advocacy, and engagement in the instructional opportunities blended classes present. 

In preparation for ScholarShift®, we have added a weCreate element to the sophomore-year experience. We believe that exposure to and exploration of the opportunities available in the Center enhances our students’ work in their current academic classes, their level of engagement and preparation for ScholarShift, and the skill set they bring with them to college and their professional careers. To that end, our weCreate faculty has developed a curriculum for students to complete over the course of the year. Students choose to complete mini-projects in Sketch-Up, Photoshop, iMovie, GarageBand, and other weCreate elements. Faculty are available to advise students as they progress through this curriculum, and advisors will help monitor student completion.