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Figure Skating Center of Excellence

An SSM figure skater spins in a recent on-ice production.

If you are looking for a structured training experience to match enriched academics, look no further! The Shattuck-St. Mary's Figure Skating program is a premier program, dedicated to the passionate figure skater. Our two-tiered program allows our skaters to be part of a team and have the opportunity to experience other aspects of school life. Tier I is designed for the competitive figure skater seeking intense training and higher competition goals. Tier II is designed for the figure skater seeking a competitive training atmosphere, while having the flexibility to participate in outside interests. 

Coaching & Lessons 

We offer high-quality instruction in all areas of figure skating, focusing on the individual needs of each skater. Our internationally recognized coaching staff provides one-on-one and group lessons.

Skaters have frequent opportunities to train with renowned guest coaches, such as Surya Bonaly, Caryn Kadavy, and others. We also provide full-time athletics trainers, counselors, and nursing staff. 

Representing the World

Our skaters have hailed from many home countries including the United States, Russia, Great Britain, Belarus, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, China, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Spain, and Andorra.

Training Environment

Our daily training activities are competitive by nature, and many skaters relish the scheduled activities. When it comes to teaching athletes, our approach is comprehensive, with emphasis on learning the essential skills while enjoying the sport to its fullest. 

Our program provides up to five competitions, three test sessions, and two ice shows per year. Skaters receive 3+ hours of on-ice training daily, including tech, style, and power classes, private and group lessons. Additionally, two ballet and pilates classes and two strength and conditioning classes are offered weekly. Our sports facilities offer three ice arenas, dedicated locker rooms, and an athletic training center with state-of-the-art aquatic therapy.