Editing the Homepage

Everything (well, nearly everything) on the Shattuck-St. Mary’s 2018 homepage can be customized. Below you’ll find instructions on how to edit each part of the homepage.

Homepage Hero Feature

The top part of the homepage displays up to 5 starred photos from the Homepage Hero Photos collection. Each photo has a headline, some text and a button that links to another page on the S-SM website. 

To add a new photo, go to the LiveWhale images library and select the 2018 Homepage Hero Photos collection, and upload the photo to this collection. Make sure the photo is at least 1400px wide by 640px tall. The photo won’t display on the homepage until you “star” it.

Edit the image, then fill out the photo headline, sentence and button. Keep the sentence around 1-2 lines (max 220 characters) so that it looks good on desktop and mobile devices. You can display the text on the left or right side of the image.

Once it’s ready for the homepage star it and save it!


Homepage Tagline and Buttons

Go to Blurbs > 2018 Homepage Blurbs in the LiveWhale dashboard. Select the blurb you’d like to edit. When you enter the Blurb, make sure there aren’t any extra blank paragraphs or headers in the blurb. You can use the source code button < > to check.

Please don’t delete any of the blurbs! To hide one of the buttons, change the status from “live” to “hidden.”

Note: there is an issue with the videos in LiveWhale 1.6 where the video doesn’t appear when you paste the video url into the media editor. The best way to get around this is by pasting the YouTube embed code into the media editor. On YouTube, go to Share > Embed and copy past the iFrame code into the LiveWhale media pop-up. 


Homepage Centers of Excellence

Go to Profiles > 2018 Homepage Centers of Excellence. The homepage shows 6 starred profiles at random.

Select a profile to edit the photo. If you add a new profile, choose profile link and enter a link to another page (you can use relative urls for links on the s-sm.org site).

You can also use these boxes to display campaigns, or link to events or stories. Tag the profile with “campaign” to make the headline display larger.


Homepage Latest News

The S-SM homepage shows the 3 newest starred stories. Keep the story summary concise so the stories don’t get too tall.


Homepage Panorama 

Go to the LiveWhale image library and select the collection 2018 Homepage Panorama Photos

One starred photo is displayed at random. Make sure the photo is at least 1280px wide by 830px tall.


Homepage Emergency Notice

In the event of an emergency or unforseen event, you can display a banner across the top of the homepage. 

Go to Blurbs > Emergency Alerts to add or edit the message. Change the blurb to “live” or “hidden” to display or hide it from the homepage.


2018 Homepage Emergency Alert2018 Homepage Emergency Alert