Clubs & Activities

Spark interest in a new activity! Shattuck-St. Mary’s offers many clubs, activities, and interscholastic sports with the idea of sparking interest in an activity or new hobby. 

Boarding students are required to participate in an afternoon activity - with many great options. Try something new!

Clubs and Organizations

Fall Winter Spring
Fall Play Winter Play Spring Play
Mathletes Mathletes 5K Club
Civil Discourse & Debate Civil Discourse & Debate Badminton
Quiz Bowl Quiz Bowl Quiz Bowl
Photography Basketball-Boys Golf-Boys
Soccer-Boys Basketball-Girls Golf-Girls
Volleyball-Girls   Intramural Golf
    Ultimate Frisbee

Full Year Activities

Arch Dance
EDPA - Empowering Differences & Promoting Awareness
The Spectator - student newspaper
Student Government
Wooden Soldiers