Residence Halls

Our teachers and coaches live in the residence halls with their families and pets. More than 30 little - and bigger - faculty children live on campus!

Residence Halls

St. Mary’s Hall- located on the Middle School campus, is home to all girls with the exception that most of our senior girls live on the Upper School campus in either Andreas House or The Rectory.



Breck Dorm- Home to most boys who are in the 9th grade or younger, this dorm is located just west of Parade Field.

Clapp Dorm and The Lodge- Home to most of the 10th grade boys.

Whipple Dorm- This is where older boys who are in grades 11 and 12, or are post-graduates, reside. Whipple Dorm is connected to the Upper School through an underground tunnel.

Andreas House- Home to senior girls.

Rectory- Home to senior girls.