Residence Halls

Our teachers and coaches live in the residence halls with their families and pets. More than 30 little - and bigger - faculty children live on campus too! 

A map view of where each dorm is located can be found here

Residence Halls

St. Mary’s Hall - Located on the Middle School campus, is home to 6th-11th grade girls.


Breck Dorm - Home to most boys who are in the 9th grade or younger, this dorm is located just west of Parade Field.


Clapp Dorm - Home to most of the 10th grade boys.


Whipple Dorm - Home to 10th & 11th grade boys. Whipple Dorm is connected to the Upper School through an underground tunnel.


Kim Hall - Home to senior boys along with post-graduate boys.


Andreas House - Home to senior girls.


Rectory - Home to senior girls.