The Strength in Experience

March 23, 2015

From Chloe Xu ’15

Planning the China trip, I was excited to let people from other countries see my home and know more about where I grew up. Coming to United States was a challenge for me. I realized that American students have some stereotypes about international students. Even though we learn history in school, it is not enough for us to know somewhere we have not been to. Some people asked me why didn’t I offer sessions to introduce China. I replied that words are weak, but experience is strong.

On March 1st in China, I prepared to pick the China group up. I held flowers I wanted to give to them and waited. However, because I forgot the time difference, I waited in the airport until 3am and realized that they would not be in my hometown until the next day. Even though this was kind of a hard start for me, things went very well afterwards.

At first, I thought students would be shy and it would be a quiet group. But I realized that I was wrong. It was a group full of excitement to know my country and they talked everywhere. We learned, smiled, had fun and as a result - changed.

Even though I planned the trip and I have lived in my hometown for 18 years, I still learned a lot. I learned about the oldest tradition to dye and make pretty fabric, called batik. Also, I learned from this bright group of students who have different interests. But everyone took care of each other as they tried to get out of their comfort zone. 

Last, I want to mention that this project is not finished yet. Because I hope all the School’s students can learn things about China, I will have other activities for the entire School by using my grant from ANNpower. We will still have some sessions to introduce China and have more Chinese traditional activities to do. I hope everyone can participate!
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    A sample of batik that looks like a heart