Observing Veterans Day

November 20, 2018

Remembering 1912 Shattuck School graduate Walter H. Schulze and his role as the “Peace Messenger” at the end of WW I.

Kelly DeShane, Director of Enrollment Management, is a retired Army Colonel and has helped organize Veterans Day tributes the past several years. At the upper school assembly on November 12, several readings were shared, including a remembrance of Walter H. Schulze, Shattuck School Class of 1912. Mr. Kettering told the story of how Schulze graduated from West Point and served in WWI, first in the cavalry and later as a pilot. Schulze died on June 28, 1919 while he was dropping leaflets from his plane announcing the signed peace treaty. He is remembered as the “Peace Messenger” and is believed to be the final casualty of the war.