BioScience Bloggers: Shenae’ Reid ’20

February 27, 2019

”The BioScience Program really does give you the ultimate experience of the medical world”

Being a part of the BioScience program has honestly been a dream. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue a medical profession; however, Dr. LaLiberty, and the experience I have and continue to receive with my peers, has really persuaded me.
We visited the Visible Heart Lab at the University of Minnesota, which is directed by Dr. Iazzio. The Visible Heart Lab is without a doubt my most anticipated and favorite trip. I believe the most powerful activity that I had was to hold a pig’s heart as it beats. The feeling and emotions that went through my mind are hard to explain and and simply something that I’ll never forget. It’s normal to feel my heartbeat by placing my hand over my chest; however, actually having immediate contact with a fresh pumping heart was a powerful experience. It’s something that I have only seen in TV shows. 
We also have been interacting with the novel about an apprentice-trained surgeon, Dr. William Beaumont, called “Open Wounds.” I love this book because it gives an accurate representation of a doctor’s life. The life of a doctor isn’t fair, and it’s important that we know that it’s okay not to know the answers to everything. 
As Winter Term comes to an end, so does our unit on the digestive system, and we are all getting ready for our Spring Poster Session. It’s so exciting to see what my peers are all working on and how dedicated and passionate we all are.  
The BioScience Program really does give you the ultimate experience of the medical world, and I’m no longer worried about not knowing what’s next. I have found my home at Shattuck with my BioScience family and I don’t regret it one bit.