Welcome to Whipple

April 09, 2019

David Kim ’21

Our shelter, our home, our palace. We love it on some days and hate it on others. Residing in the age-old, beautiful limestone building of Whipple is a milestone of every sophomore/junior boy that attends Shattuck-St. Mary’s. Upon entering the front door, one will notice the countless names engraved into the beautiful gray limestone walls of the lobby and the musty, dank aroma of a hundred pubescent boys. Welcome to Whipple Hall.

Dwelling in the stuffy, confined rooms of Whipple may not be what the students signed up for, but Whipple Hall’s real value comes from the camaraderie, brotherhood, and memories that the students build while abiding with a hundred diverse teenagers under one roof. Although it differs for each person, my time in Whipple Hall was and is significant. Coming to SSM as a new sophomore, I was enthusiastic to meet and make new friends. However, I had no idea these friends would quickly become my brothers and my family. Although I came from another boarding school, living in Whipple brings people together like no other place I lived before. Living under the same roof with people all around the globe that came to this school for a variety of reasons make living with them so much more interesting.

Sharing stories with my dorm-mates about their memories from their hometowns or bantering about their most recent hockey or soccer game always livens up the conversations in the dorm. Listening to my friends as they talk about their time back home and their lives before the Arch reminds me of the beauty of going to a boarding school and living in a boarding community. I have not only heard stories about states I’ve never been to such as Kansas, Nebraska, and Idaho but also stories about countries I’ve yet to visit such as Jamaica, Mexico, and Russia. Banter about my friends’ sports games also never ceases to entertain me. I recall the U15 hockey boys talking about their latest win and complimenting their teammates. “You should’ve seen Begg score today; it was filthy.” “Ricci is a beast on the ice.” “The Bash Bros just absolutely murdered someone on the ice today. Again.” The people I called my friends in the beginning of the year soon became my family as we enjoyed, endured, and shared many memories together.

All in all, there is always something going on in Whipple Hall. From boys bouncing from room to room, catching up with their friends, to waking up in middle of the night to the sound of the blaring fire alarm and the smell of burnt popcorn (Sorry, Mr. Varley), Whipple is always bustling with energy.

  • Sky Hong