“Anthropophobia” and “Arachnophobia”

April 24, 2019

Poetry by Cayla Kim ’19


Hello! My name is Craige

I am an arthropod with only eight legs

The Amazing Spider-man is what I aspire to be

But I will never be him, I am the size of a pea


Everyday I live in fear

Of these “humans” that cause my family and friends to disappear

The humans are long and lanky

They make booming noises and are always cranky


Human footsteps are very loud

When they see our web, they start to crowd

We scatter and run because we are freaked out

Our movement causes the humans to scream and shout


Pretty soon fear gets the both of us

And it causes a huge fuss

They use a napkin to crush the home we built

They never feel an ounce of guilt


I am telling you how bugs feel

We fear humans, even though we don’t squeal

So next time you see a bug

Just shrug or give it a hug



I am lounging on my bed and about to take a nap

When I see something small in the door gap

As I make my way over to my bedroom door

There I see a little black spider on my floor


Everyone knows that spiders are my worst fear

Ahhh! I panic and shed a tear

The hairy beast comes crawling towards me

I think I’m going to pee


It comes to a stop right by my big toe

And looks up at me, very slow

I stare at his eight eyes

I notice a difference in our size


I realize that spiders are just mini creatures

We have similar features

They have feelings just like us

Spiders eat mosquitos, which is a plus


A spider has never attacked me

So I should let them be

In the end

Spiders are our friends

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