“Grease” Is the Word

April 25, 2019

Maggi Quigg ’19

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Figure Skating Center of Excellence has chosen their theme for their 12th Annual Spring Ice Show: Grease. Starring an energetic cast with passionate choreographers, this show will hopefully be one to remember. Michael Chapa ’22, who will be playing Danny Zuko, is excited to take on this challenge once again, after he played this exact role when he was 7 years old back in Texas. He shares, “I think that the show this year has great choreography and represents the movie well.” The figure skater starring opposite him is Madalyn Moree ’19, who will be playing Sandy Olsson. She came to us from Medicine Lake, MN.

For their tryout pieces, each member of the figure skating team choreographed their own program to a section of music from “You’re the One that I Want.” After watching the talented group of skaters showcase their own styles with the music,  a new system was implemented this year to see who would be assigned certain roles. There are numerous amounts of solos, duets, specialty groups, and team programs that will showcase this team’s dedication and passion for this sport as they spend hours practicing and perfecting their routines.

Fun fact: The director of the show, Annette Hickey, actually starred as Sandy Olsson in her last professional show before marrying Coach Hickey. She performed “Grease” at a Broadway company called Wagon Wheel. We owe a huge big thank you to Coach Annette for directing the show, and Coach Hickey.


The Cast

Danny Zuko - Michael Chapa ’21

Sandy Olsson - Maddy Moree ’19

Rizzo - Maddie Hickey ’19

Frenchie - Maggi Quigg ’19

Marty - Marisa Mini ’19

Jan - Ricquie Chen ’19

Rosie - Gabby Garner ’19

Kinicki - Felipe Kubo ’19

Doody - Elena Seara ’20

Sonny - Paulina Gaber Dorbecker ’21

Radio Star - Maja Almstrom ’22

Patty Simcox - Tusani Nhleko ’21

Cha Cha - Antonia Gamberoni ’22

Waitress - Gabby Roman ’22

Principal McGee - Mary Kondelik ’22

The Nerd - Emmalee Theisen ’25