Sports Complex Updates

September 13, 2019

Charlie Rinehart ’20


After eighteen months of construction, the New Sports Complex is almost fully functional for students and staff to use. 

The brand new weight room is filled with lots of shiny and expensive equipment. 

“Almost all of it is brand new equipment,” says Mr. Sawicki, Director of Sports Medicine. He continues, “The original plan was for us to bring, if not all, then most of our old equipment from the gym across campus over here. When we started talking about that we had some hockey alums and other people who were really interested in being part of this and they said, ‘Does it make a whole lot of sense to have old equipment in the new weight room?”’  Some of this new equipment is not only new to our school but new technologically as well. Mr Sawicki explains, “We were able to substitute our old weight stack cable machines for Kieser functional machines that use air instead of weights.” 

The new weight room is smaller than the old weight room and some students consider this a bit of a hassle. Mr. Sawicki says, “We have seven double sided squat racks, so fourteen workstations.” This provides a lot of opportunities to bench and squat but it takes up a large amount of space. Josh Silverman ’20 commented, “The gym is very condensed, so when it gets busy there is no room to lift.” Mr. Sawicki responded to this by commenting, “The whole basis behind what we did with this new weight room was trying to create as much versatility as we could. The space might be a little bit smaller, but we need to be able to do all the things we did before we need to be able to maximize the space we have.” The students need to figure out how to use the space. He notes, “The track is underutilized right now, but once people get into the routines of where things work best, we will be able to use these spaces more efficiently.” 

Numerous other features are still in the process of construction. Among these are a climbing wall and the new basketball gym, which should be done by the end of September. These features will add a new level of interest to the Sports Complex and Shattuck-St. Mary’s.

  • Matt Addington
  • Matt Addington