Shenae’ as President

September 13, 2019

Grace Campbell ’21

Last spring, Shenae’ Reid ’20 was encouraged by her parents to run for our school’s student body president position with the belief that “There’s a lot of things that we could do with the Shattuck-St. Mary’s community to make other people’s voices heard and to bring issues that are not spoken about into the light.” She is able  “to be a part of making decisions within the school based on what the students need.”

Shenae’ believes that “not everyone is represented in the COE’s” hoping to “go to many games and planning events to make the games more supported.” She is also “currently working on a fall dance for November” which will be a black light dj dance. The current plan for the dance that is intended to be in old StuLo is to have kids wear white or neon for the ‘glow effect’ and bring in a DJ. The cost of the dance might be seven dollars a person to cover the expenses.

Being the president of the school so far has been a learning and growing experience for Shenae’. Each day she’s learning more about herself and she’s becoming more confident and bold. At the moment, she has “a fear of being in the spotlight which is ironic because being student body president you have to be in the spotlight almost everyday.” To calm her nerves, on the stage, she’s talking to herself inside saying, “‘don’t mess up, don’t mess up.’” When she’s on the stage she doesn’t “care about anything that’s going on around [her]” She says that “it’s nerve wracking” being on stage but during assembly she wants “to switch it up every week” instead of the way the past presidents had their own ‘things’ such as Quinn Frasier ’19 telling a joke every assembly. 

She says her “true goal is that no one is afraid of being their true self, that they express their talent, what they are capable of, without hiding their true self because they are afraid of what people might think.” Saying, “I think you should stand out, and just don’t try to fit in with the cliques or anything and just be yourself and just know that being yourself is more than okay.” 

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