Former Glee Star Comes to SSM

September 18, 2019

Kara Maclean ’21

Even though her role wasn’t as prominent as Finn, Rachel or Brittany, young actress Loryn Shay Charbonnier ’22 ,at age eight, played a smaller role in the TV show Glee. She was featured as young Brittany in one of the episodes where they had to show what the actors looked like when they were younger. Loryn has acted in TV shows, commercials and movies such as Love at the Christmas Table, Kensho at the Bedfellow, as well as a few cosmetics, Walmart and car commercials. 

 She first got into acting because of her mother, who was an actress and now a writer, had asked her if she and her brother, Luc Charbonnier, would like the chance to act. They first sent in a portfolio to see if they were the right fit for the character and if they got an audition for the role. Loryn and her brother Luc acted in the movie Love at the Christmas Table together and many commercials as well. 

 According to Loryn, a day in the life as an actor means you first have to get an email from your agent saying that you have an audition for the role. There is a call back if they like you for the role. Then you get used to the set by meeting the other actors and producer. You then have two or three more call backs practicing your role and making sure you’re the right fit.  Then finally once you get the role, you make sure your lines are perfected and you meet the directors and pick out your wardrobe for the role. 

 The hardest thing about acting Loryn says, “ …is being able to show the right emotion. Like when you’re upset you have to portray that you are upset. It can’t look fake.” You have to feel the emotions that your character is portraying and express to the audience so that they can feel what the character is feeling. The emotions can’t come off as fake they need to feel real.”

 Despite the fact that Loryn is an actress, she is also in the Center of Excellence for Hockey. This is her first year at SSM and she is playing on the Girls U16 hockey team as a defenseman. She also has a passion for writing that she received from her mother and is very interested in pursuing the passion for writing. From playing hockey, acting, and possibly thinking about becoming a writer she has a bright future ahead of her. 

“I’m liking it a lot, I’m meeting a bunch of new people and everyone here is very inclusive,” Loryn says of her first impression at Shattuck- St. Mary’s. She is learning about new cultures and experiences while making new friends.