Being a Girls Hockey Shattuck Alumnae

September 18, 2019

Hannah Rodgers ’21

Ever wonder what it feels like holding your diploma, and possibly never stepping foot on Shattuck-St. Mary’s grounds ever again? Graduating, and becoming an alum seems pretty intimidating. When you graduate at Shattuck St. Mary’s you’re officially done with high school, the most overwhelming experience of a lifetime. Imagine yourself free at college; no sign in, no worrying about going off campus past 8 pm, no dorm parents, and just having a massive amount of freedom. 

Every year, there’s a new class that graduates. They all go off and do their own things such as: going to college, being a PG, having a gap year, and so on. It could be everything they were dreaming of, or something they never expected doing. 

Abigail Levey ’18  is now in her sophomore year at Minnesota State University Mankato. She is an alumnae who is an incredible goalie who is relentless on the ice. Being back on campus makes her feel like she’s at “home,” she says. She gives us input on what it feels like coming back after graduating, “I love the atmosphere, and there’s a special place in my heart for Shattuck.”

“I really wished I didn’t take Shattuck-St. Mary’s as much for granted, I look at it more with reminiscing memories. I wish I did more of the little things like going to snack more with my friends for example.” This is what Abbey feels when she steps foot back on campus, and what the feeling is like being an alumnae. People should take in Shattuck more and embrace the goods, rather than the cons. 

As far as college hockey goes,“Hockey was more difficult there at Shattuck”-St. Mary’s. It’s a lot harder workouts, more conditioning. For example, Coach Boik’s workouts, there was more skating, and it was harder because the competition was so much harder being around such hard workers. College hockey is based more on systems on the ice” Abbey says.

Abbey, feels as though Shattuck-St. Mary’s really preps one for college. “The classes are really similar, for example the blended schedule is the exact same because we will have office hours in college.”

It is hard to be away from somewhere you’ve spent four years of your life. Often alumni and alumnae do realize this when they leave. “Part of the reason why I chose Mankato is because it was closer to SSM and I can come down whenever I want to” Abbey says. She misses being in this kind of environment, and that says a lot about our community!