Fantasy Football with the Moyers

September 23, 2019

Carson Pina ’21

Fantasy Football is a game that can bring people of all ages together. This is not new to students and staff at SSM.  Many people play including Mrs. Moyer, Interim Director of Equity and Inclusion and 11th grade Class Dean, and her Husband, Mr. Moyer, Director of Financial Aid. 

When a player is projected to do good during a specific week, or its a big-name player who is supposed to do good every week, there can be ups and downs and the excitement can come with the uncertainty of a player’s performance. 

Fantasy Football can also be a very competitive game as seen with many Fantasy Leagues around the school, from teachers and students alike joining in on the fun. Sometimes money is the prize for coming in first, sometimes not, and it can perfectly summarized by this comment from Mrs. Moyer, “For me it’s bragging rights in our house because I beat Mr. Moyer more times than I haven’t.”

Some of the Moyers’ favorite players are Fletcher Cox, and Brian Dawkins, says Mr. Moyer. Mrs. Moyer’s favorites are local favorites Adam Thielen and John Randall, who was famous for his big mouth and eagerness to talk to opponents on the field, and Chris Carter who is an all time great in Minnesota Viking history. As many people in Minnesota might know, the Vikings are something people in the state take seriously, when asked how she thought they’d do this year Mrs. Moyer said, “Well I start off every season thinking we’re going to have a great season, and then every season they let me down, break my heart.” 

Wasihun Ewnetu ’20  is also a fan of Fantasy Football. He says, “It’s a gamble, in life you have to take some gambles, you have these certain players and you have to chose one player over another one and it’s just guessing… it’s a guessing game.” Wasi’s favorite player is Saquon Barkley, a name that is becoming more and more popular and synonymous with the NFL. Saquon has become more famous due to his rookie season, his “Quad Muscles” being some of the biggest in the business, and due to the fact that he was a superstar coming out of college setting multiple collegiate football and weight-lifting records at Penn State and being a great role model for younger football players.

But it isn’t always about winning, “It’s a great way to interact with people and be competitive at the same time” says Mr. Moyer. It can bring students of different backgrounds, COEs, interests, together.


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    The Moyers with Custom etched Team Glasses from Mr. Boone in Engineering