Can Things Get Any Stranger?

September 24, 2019

DJ Jones ’20

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Stranger Things 3 was released at the beginning of the summer and was a highly anticipated season for fans. Although the show has cemented itself as a powerhouse in the TV show industry, many fans such as Director of Admissions and Dean of International Students, Mr. Garlinski ’98, wondered, “Those first couple seasons you’re wondering how are they going to do this again because it seems like just a one off show.” Not only were the fans of Stranger Things impressed with the 3rd season, but they left the show on a cliffhanger that most definitely means there is to be a Stranger Things 4

The show itself was based in the summer of 1985 and if you’ve forgotten, after all the action in the mall leading to the unfortunate deaths of Billy and Hopper, who bravely sacrificed their lives for the people they loved, there was a post-credit scene that sent us to a highly secured prison in Kamchatka, Russia. This is where we see two guards walking down a corridor full of prison cells and one guard says in Russian, “No. Not the American.” The other guard then opens another cell containing a prisoner who begins screaming and pleading for help. The guards then throw him in a mysterious chamber where they then release a “Demogorgon” which we only see in the first two seasons. 

There are many theories for what’s to come next season as well as conspiracies as to who the American is in the Russian prison. Stranger Things 4, as a season based in Russia, or mainly involved with Russia, is very enticing,especially for people like Mr. Garlinski.  He explains that, “For the people that did grow up in the 80’s, the Cold War, that storyline’s awesome, the fact that one side doesn’t know what they’re dealing with and they’re trying to weaponize these creatures… Also the fact that it’s not just the kids versus these demons, it’s kids versus the Russians, and that’s such a common movie line from the 80’s.” 

Additionally, there are conspiracy theories that maybe somehow the beloved Jim Hopper is still alive and, in fact, is the American in the Russian Prison. As Savannah Keppy ’20 explained post-credit scene, “Just made you think.” Also, like many other fans she thinks Hopper “Could be alive but, that if he is alive he’s going to be in bad condition because the Russians are going to mess with him.” This scene leads us to believe that the kids may well in fact be heading to Russia either in order to save Hopper, or to simply stop the Russians from spreading the virus that is the mind slayer once again.