Forget the Flip Phone, The Folding Phone is Here

September 24, 2019

Joon Park ’20

Samsung is “re-releasing” the first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, starting this week after the delay of release due to mechanical issues with the display in April. 

“Whoa” is the typical reaction after hearing the price. Galaxy Fold will be pretty expensive, starting around $2000 with two colorways, space silver, and cosmos black.  New features that make it expensive include having a total of 6 cameras. One for the selfie while folded, two also for the selfie while unfolded, and three cameras on the back (invented even before iPhone 11). 

According to the official Samsung website, if you unfold the phone, you will have a 7.3-inch display which is only 0.6 inches smaller than that of iPad mini. It can open up to three apps at a time. The battery will last up to a little more than 13 hours. The storage will be 512 GB. However, the weight will be 276 grams, which is pretty heavy compared to iPhone X with 174 grams. Also, there will be a very slight crease in the middle of the screen. 

So, is it worth? Hathaway Heart ’21 says, “I don’t think it is worth it… I would just want a normal phone.” It is true that this phone is too bulky for normal people to use, even though it has a lot of cool features. But the worth of this phone can depend on how people actually use it. David Kim ’21, current student body Vice President, says “I think it won’t be worth enough to students since they have a limited budget, but it can be worth it to some adults who want a big screen, good cameras or those who want to use many apps in one screen.” After all, it is the first foldable smartphone, taking technology to the next level.


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