Post Malone Releases Hollywood’s Bleeding

September 25, 2019

Michael Quinn ’21

With Post Malone’s new Hollywood’s Bleeding album being released, we got the chance to interview Ms. Carrie Homuth, who teaches dance and is the Director of The Arch Dance Company, and Jack Larrigan ’22 about their views.

There were mixed reviews between the two which could be expected since they represent two different ages and two different genders,  and they have been listening to his music for different periods of time. Jack Larrigan, who has been listening to Post Malone for two years, said that he is a big fan and didn’t dislike any part of his music, while Ms. Homuth, who has been listening to Post Malone for only one year, said, “I’m not necessarily a fan of his music, I don’t mind some of his music, but I wouldn’t say I’m a fan.” She also had this to say about his music, “A lot of his songs sound very similar and are on the chill side.” 

One of the things that both Jack and Ms. Homuth agreed on was that Post Malone is a unique musical artist and his own person. Ms. Homuth said, “ I like that he has a unique voice” and that “his voice is pretty unique in comparison to the artists that are out there right now.” Jack Larrigan had similar thoughts saying, “He’s his own man, own singer.” When asked if Post Malone was a singer or rapper and they both said they he was, “more of a singer than a rapper.” 

Another thing that they disagreed about was Post Malone’s sense of style. Ms. Homuth said “I’m not big into the gold and diamond teeth” but “he is authentic in who is.” Jack said, “The tattoos on his face are a little iffy but his fashion is pretty cool.”

Ms. Humoth and Jack both agreed that Post Malone isn’t a bad influence even though he has been known to be big into drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Ms. Humoth said, “Unless he is going out and encouraging those decisions, he is old enough to make those decisions by himself.” Jack Larrigan said that Post Malone is a “ good influence because he preaches to stay humble.” 

Post Malone is touring in St. Paul, Minnesota in September. Would Jack or Ms. Homuth go see him in concert? Ms. Humoth said, “I wouldn’t be interested, I’d rather go see someone else.” Jack said, “Yes, I absolutely would!”

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