Daniel Eras ’16 Featured In Costa Rican Newspaper

March 31, 2015

The Junior Pianist attracted some attention in his home country of Costa Rica after he won the MTNA National Championship.

The Costa Rican newspaper La Nación published a piece on Daniel Eras ’16 after his win at the Music Teachers National Association Competition. Below is that article by Natalia Diaz Zeledon translated into English. Any grammatical errors are due to the translation from Spanish to English. Click here to read the original article on www.nacion.com.

Daniel Eras is young but not indecisive. He was lucky because he found his vocation at an early age and has been able to capitalize early in his precocious talent.

“When I was little I was going to toy stores and the tecladitos that had started to play,” says Eras, now 19 years old and has been devoted to studying all that “moves”: the piano.

The Costa Rican living since 2013 in the state of Minnesota in the United States, won last weekend two prestigious competitions in the category of age and instrument.

The first, The Schubert Club, is a statewide competition and the second prize Music Teachers National Association(MTNA), grants from the decade of the 70s recognizes the most talented performers in the country.

In his repertoire, Eras played pieces by renowned composers of different styles, including Sergei Rachmaninoff, Chopin and Sergei Prokofiev.

The jury of both competitions offered rewards with an academic incentive to Eras. As explained by the artist, they will help finance his higher education after graduating from the Pre-Conservatory program that imparts his internship in the United States, Shattuck St. Mary’s School.

The academic institution offers several programs of artistic and athletic training. For the piano, is an alliance of education with the University of Minnesota, offering weekly classes on campus for students.

Effort. Daniel Eras has faith that has talent, but his successes are also the product of a large share of work .

“Since childhood I had to earn the ‘dues,’” as he called them, and prove his commitment to the piano. In Costa Rica, Eras reached the most advanced level provided by his teacher, Alexander Sklioutovski, director of the Higher Institute of Arts .

Upon leaving, the pianist acquired a new teacher, Alexander Braginsky , with whom he could improve his piano technique and also aspire to contests like that he just won.

The competitions in which he participated required pianist Daniel Eras to interpret three pieces of different styles to present live in front of a jury. The Schubert Club requests a virtuoso and two other selections for specific periods. Eras played the Opus 39 of Rachmaninov, a passionate and turbulent tune that requires a strong interpretation. The other pieces he played were the romantic compositions of Chopin Fantaisie in F minor and Suite of Dances Criollas Argentine by Alberto Ginastera. The young pianist says he has felt more comfortable touching Ginastera, even when his favorite composer is Chopin. For his participation in the Music Teachers National Association competition, Eras replaced Rachmaninoff with a three-piece suite for piano - Romeo and Juliet, by Prokofiev. He is expected to present the complete suite of ten pieces in a contest next year in Japan.

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    Daniel Eras cannot imagine any other profession than the Piano.
    Steve Jones