Jeremy Zhang ’21 and His Flight Accomplishments

October 10, 2019

Peter Xiong ’20

Most people’s opinions on flights are that they are exhausting, boring, and unenjoyable. However, Jeremy Zhang ’21, an international student from Beijing, China, has a different opinion. For Jeremy, flights are interesting opportunities for him to visit new places and experience various cultures. “From these flight experiences, I make so many valuable memories,” he said. 

Since last year, Jeremy  has started recording his flight history on He has flown on 90 flights and traveled about 340,412 kilometers by plane, which is the same distance as that of going around the Earth for 8.5 times. Having spent 487 hours in the air, Jeremy  is a pro at flight booking. He advises students to “always watch out for mileage ticket scams.”

Jeremy  is now planning his most important flight in May. He plans to travel up to 12 locations for his connection flights and to explore the world as much as he can. His first stop would be Los Angeles, then Kalaoa, Honolulu, Majuro atoll, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Guam, South Korea, and finally back to Beijing. This whole journey will offer Jeremy  11,130 miles for mileage and a great opportunity for him to learn new things.

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