A Passion for Scuba Diving

October 11, 2019

Max Stultz ’21

Shattuck-St. Mary’s is a place for people to come and pursue their passions. Our own Mr. Simons’s passion for scuba diving started in the early 2000’s and has taken him and his family on many adventures together. 

He has been to some spectacular places all around the world diving. He’s been “throughout Asia, I’ve been in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Guam …  Hawaii, Florida…” 

How did he get involved in such a niche community? His passion for diving actually began on accident while on a vacation with his fiancee, Ashley (who is now his wife). While vacationing in Thailand, the two had a “few extra days and were passing by a scuba diving shop and just said yes.” 

Mr. Simons’s described his first time going scuba diving as amazing: “I had never swam in the ocean before… the first time I put the mask on and put my head underwater, it was a transformational change. All the color and all the life just below the surface… It was so empowering.” 

Although he loves to go scuba diving, he has not gone in recent years because their family vacations have been more oriented towards their kids, but he is excited for when they are old enough to dive. 

Something many people are most likely unaware of is that many people in the scuba diving community consider it a sport and for good reason. It is physically draining and mentally difficult.

Another amazing thing about scuba diving is how close the community is. Mr. Simons talked about his sense of community with other divers. Mr. Simons included that he would be very interested in “[creating] a series of modules that include open water certification and culminate with a dive trip over spring break to some place tropical and warm.” Mr. Simons admitted the idea was a few years off he sounded very enthusiastic about this and “would love to create this opportunity for students!”

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