Tik Tok Blows Up at Shattuck

October 15, 2019

Arvega Hovsepyan ’21

There is a new trend around Shattuck- St. Mary’s - - the app Tik Tok, where anybody can make funny or creative videos with music in the background. Each video is about 5-30 seconds long, and whoever is watching can follow, comment, like, or share the video. The videos are on the home page which is also called the “For You” page, and you scroll down to watch the videos that made it on there.

Tik Tok is a big thing in California, but it was rarely seen being used or talked about at SSM until Jordy Brisson ’22 came from Manhattan Beach. He has made roughly 65 videos on Tik Tok and has gotten millions of views on his videos. He has 247.3k followers and about 3.7M likes. As more students heard about his account, more students went on Tik Tok and the more students started to use Tik Tok.

Jordy said, “I started to use Tik Tok as a joke about six months ago but then a couple of my videos started to blow up. I made one that got me a couple million views and that’s when I started to make videos more consistently.” Some people make money off of Tik Tok, and Jordy is one of those people. “When you reach 2,000 followers on Tik Tok you can make a pro account and start live-streaming, and people can donate. Tik Tok can send the money directly into your bank account if you decide to connect your bank account to your Tik Tok account.” 

Now, many kids at SSM have followed Jordy’s lead and started to make videos on Tik Tok. They have set up accounts and are trying to become Tik Tok famous. If you walk around school, you can usually see kids making videos with their friends and attempting the same dance moves over and over again.