Spittin’ Chiclets

October 15, 2019

Shai  Buium ’21

Spittin’ Chiclets is a podcast run by former NHL players Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette, and Rear Admiral. They make it funny by traveling around the country in a trailer meeting NHL players. They love to do it and they do it all year long. It has been in the air since October 14, 2016.

Ethan Begg 21’, a member of the Hockey COE, says, “I love to listen to their podcasts in my free time. They start the podcast talking about hockey and what’s going on in the NHL right now. Then they go into their interview of one of the current players and they ask him all kinds of questions about what it’s like playing in the NHL, and questions that fans want to know about the players. They tell stories that everyone loves to hear.’’ 

A lot of SSM students listen to these podcasts.  Spittin’ Chiclets really blew up this summer. Ocean Wallace 22’ stated, “They also get in the best NHL players like Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon, Connor Mcdavid, and Auston Matthews.”

The podcast is also the favorite of dads on the golf course.

Spittin’ Chiclets is part of Barstool Sports and has a lot of sponsors but  is intended for a more mature audience. It doesn’t have a rating, but it does say it is explicit.