All American Season 2

October 15, 2019

Michael Quinn ’21

All American is a TV series on the CW about a high school football player played by Daniel Ezra, who goes from playing for Crenshaw High to a team in Beverly Hills. Spencer James goes through the struggles of making new friends and staying connected with his old neighborhood and also deals with his fair share of family struggles trying to find out who his dad really is. The creator of the show,  April Blair, has made the TV series very popular on Netflix and Amazon. After huge support from fans of the show, they have announced that Season two will be released in October.

Carsen Stokes ’20 and Shelbi Guttormson ’21 both enjoyed the TV show. Carsen who has watched the entirety of Season 1, said he “Binged watched it in less than two days and  I have watched it all the way through twice now.” Shelbi has “just started to watch the show a couple of weeks ago and I really like it.” Shelbi said, “I really liked how similar it was to students and people in our school. They showed every angle of a student athlete’s life.”

They are both excited for Season two to come out next month and Carsen said, “I haven’t had anything to consistently watch on Netflix lately.”