Joker Review

October 23, 2019

Joey Van Horn ’20

A dark, disturbing, and political film that will make your insides churn; Todd Philips’ Joker is one of the most controversial movies out. You may think you know Arthur Fleck, but do you?

From the hardy streets of Gotham City, Arthur Fleck, walks around as if society has neglected him his entire life. He is a failed comedian who is often taking care of his elderly mother, Penny, and working his day job of a clown. Arthur suffers from a mental illness which makes him laugh uncontrollably, and often gets him into trouble. The more he learns about his condition the more it seems to work against him. Early in the movie, Arthur is beaten up by a group of punk teens, his medication is cut off, and he is publicly humiliated by his favorite comedian. His life starts to spiral downward, beating him day after day until the gruesome pain of Gotham City is unbearable and the Joker comes out. 

Joker is filled with many intense moments that often has the audience questioning the sanity of the film’s producers. Many DC Comic fans were expecting an action packed movie that has the Joker taking over Gotham City, but not exactly. Yes, this film contains some extreme scenes, but action is not the theme you are looking for. Joker is a film that places you in the head of Arthur Fleck. It is a roller coaster of emotions that at one point even has you feeling sympathy for him. It is not until Arthur starts to do the unthinkable, that those watching realize what the Joker’s real motives are. The idea of being in the head of someone who has “antisocial personality disorder” is a hard concept to understand. Many of Arthur’s actions seem “unethical” and “effortless” as if his actions do not faze him. 

Joker could possibly be one of the best films of the year. The script of this movie is incredible, and among some of the best DC films made. It is not your ideal family movie, being that it is R-rated and includes adult language and violence.

The film is perfect for those who are looking for a little more in the films they watch. It offers a gruesome look into the head of the insane Arthur Fleck as he leaves bloodshed throughout Gotham City. 



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